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Saturday, January 25, 2014

On the campaign trail again

Well this is probably going to be SHORT as we will be on the move again around noon to visit some of the suburbs of/in Mazatlan. We’ve been going to small towns again with Paquis and her group. Yesterday morning we left at 7:30 and got home at 10:30……I felt EVERY one of my 75 years. This is yesterday’s map. 

Put about 120 miles on Willie. Even forded a RIVER – not a creek a RIVER with water falls on both sides. I took a video of it so will have to find someplace where the Internet works good to upload it. 
We went from home to a restaurant downtown for breakfast at El Bambu. A press conference really. 
I had my first ever chilaquiles – the stuff on the left. 
stuff on right is shredded meat and onions - very good
that's me on the bottom left
From there way out in the country to El Recodo #3.

Paquis and Bill
Then down the road, up a dirt road and across the RIVER to Sequieros #4.

Yes folks we drove across this  - it is the road.
Much to my surprise there was a paved road leading out of Sequeiros! Then to El Robol #5 where the itinerary was mixed up and we weren’t supposed to be there until later.
From El Roble east again back across Highway 15 in Villa Union towards the ocean to Walamo #8.
From there back to Villa Union #7 (the numbers on the map are backwards)

Then north towards the Mazatlan Airport out towards Stone Island to Barrón #9.
completely dark by now.
Back up to the main road then south again to Villa Union where we turned east and went back to El Roble#5. Lots of people waiting there now. 7:30 at night! Then into Mazatlan to a restaurant about a block from where we started the day. I think I forgot to take any pictures after Barron.
I’m just going to do a quick post will do a more extensive one either later today – thinking about taking the laptop with me in the car to work on it. Or will post tomorrow – a day of rest!

I took 230 pictures yesterday and a couple of videos. So really have to sort through them. 

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