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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Working on a Sugar High

We pretty much just stayed home yesterday except for taking the laundry in to be done. Bill’s cold was keeping him pretty quiet.
The weather here continues to be in the low 80s but I see today there are showers forecast for evening. Hum. Only clouds I see are way inland over the mountains.  At home it is starting to warm up – 12 above zero today.
There is a drink that is famous here in Mazatlan it is a soft drink kind of carbonated. It’s called Toni Col. One half of the label is in English and it says”…it’s different” also says “Vanilla Flavor Soda.”  Every time we come down here I say I’m going to try one. Well I finally did. Bought a small bottle in the market and tried it. Kind of a fizzy vanilla root beer flavor.  It was invented (?) concocted just south of Mazatlan in El Rosario. People say you will either really like it or hate it. Well I like it. Here is the web site about it and its history. Quite interesting. ToniCol 
We had our last hamburger patties from the U.S. last night. But guess I let the buns stay in the freezer too long – just two months – they had a little refrigerator taste to them. Wish you could buy two buns at a time instead of having to get six. Although here in the bakery section of the markets we can buy them by the each. The only problem is I don’t know when I want to fix hamburgers….
This morning before it got hot we went to pick up the laundry then went on over to the Centro Historico to go to the Central Market. Parked Willie in our usual lot and the manager of the lot mentioned to Bill that he’d seen Bill in the paper again. Having breakfast Sunday at Ricos with Paquis. Wow he’s a celebrity –second time he’s made the newspaper here. (See last year in La Noria )While parked Willie got a much needed wash after our dirt road and river adventure. BTW he is running great.
While at the market I got a pair of capris and Bill got another pair of cargo shorts. Then some grapes – it’s the only place we can find them now and a mango and I got my coconut ball – finally. Here is the picture I posted the other day. 
They come in two colors but are all the same flavor – the color is just that color. I bought a yellow one.
looks orange but it really is a yellow
And are they ever sweet. Tastes like the coconut shreds have been rolled in caramelized sugar. A little bit goes a long way. But as the taste goes away I find myself reaching for another little bite. Yum
Not so these little things.
Forget what they’re called besides AWFUL. The vendor let me taste one. Couldn’t get it out of my mouth fast enough. ICK. He says they should be eaten with chili – think I’ll pass.
Walking to the car we passed this lady sweeping up the fallen leaves with a palm frond. It worked really well.
We did stop one more place – the regular market and I noticed this for the first time. If you buy a bottle of wine or any other drink off the shelf this will cool it down for you right away. And its free.
Between the ToniCol and the Coconut I’ll probably have a big sugar high today. If you see me running by just let me go. 

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  1. Love this post - funny. I don't like the Toni Cal - far too sweet, tastes like some sort of cough syrup to me - maybe Bill would get some relief from his cold if he drank one :)