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Monday, January 13, 2014

Neat things for sale

Got up before the sun this morning, kind of cool in here. But now that the sun is shinning it warms up pretty quick.
For some reason I didn’t feel too great yesterday then figured out it was just that I was feeling sorry for myself cause we’d just been sitting around in here for a couple of days. The solution – get out and about. We walked up to the front of the campground where a vendor has set up his stuff. He comes through here a couple of times a year. Last year we got a big ceramic parrot from him. This time I saw a couple of things I really liked but luckily they were all too big to take home with us. This huge colorful metal birdcage for one. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

This we could take but wouldn’t know where to put it at home so just admired it. All 4 x 4 tiles. Love the colors.
My two favorites were a wood carving of St Francis – one solid piece of wood about 3 ½ feet high.  2200 pesos about US$170.
And a metal bbq in the shape of a donkey…..love it.  The 
saddle/cover is standing up against its legs.  Don’t know how much he was and I’ll try to get a better picture of it later. Wouldn’t that be fun to have?
After a short afternoon nap we were sitting outside and this bright red little bird came by. Never got really close so I could get a good picture of him. But he sure was RED.
Later decided we’d go to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and to listen to the music. Just a shot of the street walking up to the plaza. The lights in the sidewalks have been fixed and for the most part are working. Looks kind of neat.
The plaza was much quieter now that the holidays are over. Still some vendors and all the restaurants are open but not near as full. We walked around some looking at the vendors and people then stopped at Beach Burger for dinner. It is right in front of the gazebo where the music is. I had grilled fish, rice and steamed vegetables, Bill had Italian Chicken Salad – both excellent meals. The weather was perfect and the music great. Several couples were dancing and the usual group of women were there doing the line dances. Everyone has a great time.

While walking around the plaza before dinner we passed three medical persons with their blood pressure measuring equipment. A couple days ago I posted a picture of some of them. So I asked Bill to stop and talk to them to find out what they really do. There were three guys. The older one was a ParaMedic the two younger ones are studying to be nurses they were 21 and 18. All were from Guanajuato and volunteering here in Mazatlan. Theirs is a free service but they will accept tips (a way to earn money for their education) – if a person has high blood pressure they recommend seeing a doctor and/or the ParaMedic can prescribe treatment. By going out on the streets they hope to help the people who wouldn’t ordinarily see a doctor. [this picture is from last week - didn't want to stick a flash in their eyes last night]
No real plans for today but we do have some errands we should do. 


  1. Love the donkey bbq pit! I wonder if the smoke comes up the neck and out the ears or nose. THAT would be cool, lol.

  2. I love the bird cage as well....would be a great container for flowers, etc. Been SNOWING here all day...got at least 10 cm of the white stuff so far and it's still coming down. Say hello to Bill for us. Enjoy your days in paradise!