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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Full MiniMoon

The sun is just popping up from behind the trees at the back of the campground. Gold streaks and white clouds. Looks like it will be another perfect day. By tomorrow it is supposed to cool down a few degrees – I hope. [Funny thing is right now Bill has the furnace running to take the chill off in here.]
We are planning on going to El Quelite this morning for breakfast. We’re taking friends with us who haven’t been there so it should be fun.
Yesterday morning we had two different people come to look at the Alfa’s cracked windshield. The first hemmed and hawed and said he’d be back. The second said no problem and fixed it right then. He even found another big chip right next to the crack (no doubt from the same idiot California driver) and fixed it too. As long as it holds until we get home. We had him leave a couple of business cards with the campground owner. Cost 800Pesos about US$62. So one more thing taken care of.
Then we went out to pick up our laundry and Bill’s IRONED pants. So nice to just have to put away clean folded clothes. But now I’ll keep it up by washing early in the morning before it gets AC hot. Like everything else here in mainland Mexico the price went up some. The cost of gasoline and diesel is really making a difference in all prices here. Lunches which used to cost US$12 are now US$15 – produce is more expensive. So many things.
Hung around home during the heat of the day then early evening we went into town to Sam’s Club. We were hoping they had Johnsonville Italian Sausages – but they didn’t. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. Did get some tuna salad, pastries and Argentine Sausage.
The Full MiniMoon just rising over the new Mall.
Stopped in the marina to get a pizza at La Mona’s – we go there sometime to watch soccer games. Another shot of the moon
A few of the boats in the Marina
And La Mona’s. We brought the pizza home to eat it.
I’ve debated about sharing this but decided to do it. The BITE – mordida – is still alive and well here. Not as rampant as it used to be that’s for sure but still around. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about I’ll explain. We were coming home the other day and just as we got into an intersection the light turned yellow. We hadn’t gone 50 feet when we heard WHOOP! Flash!Flash! A police car was behind us. Bill pulled over and the policeman approached. First he asked Bill if he spoke Spanish. Bill said just a little. Then he asked for Bill’s license. When he saw the name Guillermo – Bill’s given name = William – he said with a smile “You don’t speak Spanish!” Bill shrugged. Any way to make a long story short – he said we went through a red light. We said we didn’t. He said Bill would have to go to court and pay a fine to get his license back. Okay. BUT he could pay the fine right then to the policeman. “How much?”  Only 100 Pesos. Guess which we decided to do. So the guy made an extra 100 Pesos that day. That’s less than eight dollars US. Since then we’ve seen him pulling over and stopping a lot of other cars. Maybe he needs something.

So that’s our excitement for a few days. 

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  1. You need to report that cop to the tourism police. He could be in big trouble.