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Monday, January 6, 2014

Plazuela Machado - dinner and music

Another very warm day here in Mazatlan. I've been reading bulletins from home on our newspapers site. Boy are they having a terrible spell of weather. Way down below zero. No traffic allowed except emergency vehicles. Learned something I didn’t know. The salt they put on the streets during bad weather doesn’t work if the temperatures drop below zero. So no streets are getting salted. Seems like most streets are impassible due to both snow and an underlayer of ice due to rain last night. So even the plows are having problems clearing them. There are several power outages and the power crews are working around the clock. Most stores, government offices and schools are closed until at least Wednesday.
Glad we aren’t there this winter. We’ve got the AC running.
Didn’t do much yesterday during the day. Played on the computer and read. Still haven’t dug my knitting out.
Did do a load of laundry. Unfortunately the dryer part came on the same time as the AC – oops – no power. So now we’re plugged into the outlet at the next space. Life’s little problems.
Last night we went back to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and music. Passed the Cathedral and the Christmas tree in the plaza. They looked so pretty had to take a picture.

Just some of the old buildings and lighting around the Plaza. Look pretty at night.

We met our friends there and settled in Beach Burger for dinner. I had a delicious grilled fish and rice and salad. Really tasted good. Bill had a hamburger – not original. The others had fajitas and something called Squid Scratchings……Looked like bits of deep fried squid with French fries. No I didn’t try it. And didn’t think about taking a picture of it.
At seven our friend Rafael Rodriguez the singer/musician started his music for the evening. He plays in the gazebo Sunday evenings. So very pleasant to listen to. All kinds of music. Not so many dancers last night. But these ladies were doing an enthusiastic line dance to Achy Breaky Heart.

We stayed until 10. The weather was perfect. Not humid and not cold.
This morning we went to Mega [grocery store] downtown – their shelves were not well stocked – maybe because of all the tourists that have been here the last two weeks and they haven't had a chance to restock. 


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  2. Thanks for the link - always fun to read others blogs about the same area. Especially the Art Walk