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Friday, January 17, 2014

Visiting El Quelite with friends

Yesterday morning we left here at 9:15 drove across the street and picked up our friends Jackie and John and set out to our favorite little town of El Quelite for breakfast. They’d never been there. Again we ate breakfast at EL MESÓN DE LOS LAUREANOS. In the past I've posted jillions of pictures of the restaurant so here is just a picture of one of the other rooms in the building.

And another picture of my favorite almost life sized painting.
After eating we took a stroll around part of the town. Looking at the colorful homes and beautiful plants. Came across this construction crew adding a second story to one of the homes. They get the bricks up to the mason by throwing them one by one.
Our friend John trying his hand at throwing a brick. The mason caught it.
Mixing the mortar/cement for the bricks. By hand in the street.
Typical street scene. Boy on burro, older woman with umbrella and mother with children.
Just another street scene – colorful homes and plants. Iron street lights.
We stopped and looked inside the other large restaurant in town. [I don't remember it's name.] Very pretty inside. This was painted on the ceiling.
Some of the tables and one of the waitresses.
We continued walking around the block back to the car. Stopping at the plaza and Church. 
Once into the car we drove up to check out the Fighting Cock Farm. The huts they live in.
As usual the roosters were noisy. They sure are pretty. El Quelite is known for its Cock Farm. 
On the way up the hill to the Cock Farm we passed this horse waiting in the shade across the street from a school. From being here so many times we know the horse and rider – an older man –
We also knew he was waiting to pick his granddaughter up from school to give her a ride home. 
As we headed back into town we passed them. She is in front of him.
And of course we had to stop at the little Panadaria – it smells so good in there.
The oven in the back room.
Before leaving town we stopped and looked in a couple of the gift shops at dresses and saddles. By then it was only a little after noon so we decided to take a side trip to another small town just west and south of El Quelite. A town called El Quamado – and there the rest of the day’s adventure began. We didn’t get home until after 6:00 and we ended up visiting many more little towns in the area. So I’m going to post this and then start on the second blog for the day as it will take some time to sort out – all in all I took 247 pictures yesterday and met some very interesting people.
A kind of map of where we went yesterday. Will explain it in next post.

There is a little bird or a couple of little birds on the roof by the vents and they sound like a herd of elephants up there. How can a tiny little bird make so much noise when it is walking on the roof?

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