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Friday, January 10, 2014

Quiet days in Paradise

Let’s see – today is Friday? Yep that’s what the laptop says. Terrible isn’t it? Can’t remember what day it is let alone the date. At least I know where I am. A friend sent this to me thought it was funny.

Hard to believe but it was actually pretty cool this morning. In fact when Bill got up he turned the furnace on!!!! – By this afternoon I’ll be sitting in front of the fan with the AC running. I just looked up the weather forecast and it will be in the mid 80s most of the week with lows at night of 60.
Wednesday we went across the street to the Torres restaurant for breakfast. Didn’t see much in the way of fish or fishermen but we did see way out in the mist the Baja Ferry coming into Mazatlan.
Later in the afternoon we went out to the beach and and to check out the vendors in Cerritos. I think we were the only tourists there. Talk about quiet. Maybe it was too late in the day or because all the Mexican tourists have gone home and the Norte Americanos haven’t got here yet. Not even the domino players were there. So we had all the vendors to ourselves…..I think we’ve been there too many times as some of them were calling us by name. I did see a couple of blouses – the colorful loosely woven ones I like. Will go back another day to really check them out.
Guess these oysters were for sale. Sorry but ICK!
Decided to have dinner at La Bruja passed these interesting items on the way there. An old 1953? Plymouth in really good shape. Boy they were made like tanks then. And the guy in the street with the cart.
Wish I’d got a better fix on the cart. It had a fire in the front box and every once in a while it would let off a high pitched screech – guess it was letting out steam. No idea what he cooked in or on it.
La Bruja means Witch.
Looking out over the beach towards Mazatlan. There are surfers out in the water.
We both had steak, I had T-bone and Bill had rib eye with potatoes and green salad. Very good. There are even tables set up out in the sand if you want to eat out there.
The guitar player at another table.
Not a very pretty sunset but we did see the Baja Ferry leaving Mazatlan on its way to Baja.
Been watching DVDs in the evening. Saw one last night I can’t believe George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones made. It was sooooo bad. One of those movies you watch until the bitter end because you can’t believe it won’t get better. I don’t think it was supposed to be funny but it was. I think it was called Intolerable Cruelty. Also been watching some John Wayne movies from the mid 1930s - he was sure young - and hadn't quite perfected that funny walk. 

Got to get this posted as we are meeting friends for breakfast this morning – across the street of course. 


  1. Usually those little carts with the fire and whistle are cooking "camotes" sweet potatoes, some of them also have regular potatoes.

  2. Thank you - next time we're in that area I'm going to check it out.