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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fruits, Flowers and Nuts

After reading and looking at pictures of the frozen north I took a walk around the campground and took some pictures that hopefully will bring smiles and some warmth to the snow bound. Some of the beautiful bougainvillea growing in Las Jaibas RV Park.

this one has pink and white flowers

And some of the fruit trees/plants
Banana or platana - don't know which

these lemons are growing right next to us
Just some other flowers and flowering trees growing here. 

Forgot to take pictures of the tall tall coconut palms and the many mango trees that haven't started to bloom yet. 
I also was reading our hometown paper – especially the Sheriff's Log – when people call 911 – really quite amazing some of the calls that come in. Here are just a few…..
 4:17 a.m.: Woman called to let dispatch know that someone is spraying the houses around there with a gas. Caller then hung up the phone. 7:54 a.m. Woman advises she is being sprayed and urinating green from it. Dispatch advised her she needs to contact Johnson County (where she lives.”) [I’d tell her to call someone else too!]

“8:26 p.m. Man in 8300 block of State Road 46 East advises couch in the roadway and a vehicle has struck it. 8:40 p.m. County officer located a piece of dead furniture in ditch, no vehicles around it.” [Did the couch walk out there when it was alive?]

“8:18 p.m.: Man would like to speak with an officer reference noise ordinance. Caller advises his child just received a drum set.”  [Ummm...take it away from him. Don’t call the cops.]

“12:04 a.m.: Man requests officer keep an eye on the trailer full of rock in his yard as he has a bad feeling that someone might try to steal it tonight.” [Really special rock?]

And so it goes in a little town in the deep woods. I eliminated the dates of the calls to protect the innocent. There were several more but for now that’s enough. 
We got four new RVs in here yesterday afternoon and they are parked in the back with us. They are planning on traveling further south in a couple of days. So then we'll be alone again. This year there are many more RVs here than last. Really glad to see that. Either it means more people are traveling here or that the gas/diesel prices are limiting their travel. 
Here is an interesting blog to read. We met the writer last year. Today's blog is especially interesting. A Life Made Simple It's about travel in Mexico in an RV. 


  1. Love the photos of the flowers! The yellow one next to last is an allamanda, and the bottom one is a plumeria, commonly called frangpani. I love them both, and have grown them in Florida, too.

  2. Arggh. I see my typo but not how to change it. It's a "frangipani." Too nice of a name to mess up! ;)