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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spanish TV, knitting and reading - not real exciting or interesting

Spent the last couple of days just lazing around. Except for a very nice leisurely breakfast with friends Friday.  
Saw the parasailors out in front of the Torres so am thinking about that again. If I’m going to do I’d better make up my mind and not wait like last year until it got cold and windy.
Watched a couple of Mexican soccer games on TV.  And also watched “6 Days and 7 Nights” in Spanish. Funny to hear Spanish coming out of Harrison Ford. And the Colts football game broadcast in Spanish – GOOOAAAALLLL!
I’m reading a new series of books (3 of them) by Terri Austin – about a young woman who manages to get herself into a lot of situations. Light reading and kind of funny. Also rereading some Margaret Truman books, forgot what a good writer she was.
And managing to do a couple of rows on my knitting. For some reason I’m not enjoying the project I’m making. It’s taking me a long time to get it done. It’s just straight knitting with different size needles – and I don’t like the big needles so when I get to those rows I slow down. Maybe I should start on something else and put this one away.
Been playing with the free program Auto Stitch – but I need to figure out exactly how to hold the camera and line up the shots. I thought I’d done a good job but when I see the finished product – well…….kind of weird photo of the front inside of the Alfa. Completely forgot one corner and got too much curve on the other side. This is about 15 pictures put together.
The weather here continues to be beautiful. Quiet cool at night and pretty warm during the day. I wish it would cool down about 5/10 degrees to somewhere around 75 then it would be perfect for me.
I see NASCAR has started up already with testing. I don’t like it that the #3 car is racing again with that squirt in it. And I was never an Earnhardt fan so I wonder how that will go over with the old Earnhardt fans. Will they love seeing the #3 or hate it.
Sitting outside yesterday afternoon we saw the prettiest little red bird. But by the time I thought of taking a picture of it he flew away. I should take the camera with me when ever I go out.

I know, kind of weird post but thought I’d better post something and not let another day go by. 


  1. Nothing wrong with lazy days! Here too and lots of football on TV!

  2. Any post from you is welcome reading!! Thanks, enjoy them all, even when you don't have much to report. Keep them coming!!

  3. Arrived home last night....COLD and LOTS of that funny white stuff...I believe they call it snow. So great to see you and Bill prior to departing the warmth of Mexico. Enjoy your stay and keep up the great work on the blog. I will be reading daily so I know what you've been up to. Hopefully you got the jeep back and can take a few excursions to different areas.