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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mega Super Market in Mazatlan

I’ve already talked about yesterday so either I wait and see what we do today and post later or just ramble on about nothing and post early. I finally got to bed last night about 12:30 – and still wasn’t really tired (all the sweets maybe?) but know my moving around wakes Bill up. His cold is getting better daily thank goodness. 
He reminded me that I’ve cooked dinner three nights in a row. Last night it was spaghetti with meatballs over gnocchi. And all I did was warm it all up. Gnocchi came from a vacuum sealed pouch, meatballs already made from bag in freezer and the sauce Bill made and froze before we left home. But this has got to stop. I’ll ruin my image. I reminded him that if I cook again tonight it will be fish – his least favorite food…unless he gets the chicken breasts out of the freezer in the outside basement compartment.
Noticed that the days are getting longer quick. When we got here it was dark by 5:00 now it is still light enough to walk around at 6:10. To see the sunset at the beach we’d have to leave the campground by 4:30 now not until 5:30 or later.
We talked to the manager of the Soriana Supermarket about chocolate wine and he said they would be getting some in today or tomorrow – so we’ll have to go check that out. Wonder what kind/brand it will be. Every time we go to Soriana I check in the pet store window next door. Such cute little puppies! Would love to have one if I could get a nanny for it too. I’m well beyond that “taking care of little things” stage.
Yesterday at the other big supermarket we go to here, the Mega, we found Italian Sausage again – bought all four packages – hope no one else wanted any. Also got some cream cheese or “Philadelphia” as it is called here. And some butter sticks With Salt. Most of the butter is Sin [without] Sal. So have to be careful when I pick some up. Here are some pictures from the Mega store – much bigger and nicer than anything we have around home. This is the store with the escalator for the grocery carts I post a pic of a while ago.
Cold cuts and cheese
box wine from California less than US$3.00 a box

baking bread in the bakery section
Pineapple upside down cake  tempting....
all kinds of cheese from Mexico

There are now five other RVs here in the back portion of Las Jaibas RV with us. And I just read that the big RV park on the beach downtown, Mar Rosa, might not be open next year as the owner just passed away and the heirs might not want to keep it open. In fact it was said, “They went to the real-estate agent before they went to the undertaker.” Sorry repeating gossip.

No plans for today yet. I’m trying to update my computer knowledge – I just don’t understand Twitter – Pinerist – and how to put all the buttons on the blog…..and all the connections with F   G+  T etc. etc.   ?????  Maybe I’ll go up to the office and use their Internet and see if I can figure some of it out. Then again maybe not. 

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