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Friday, January 3, 2014

Day in El Quelite -

The days here are beautiful again. Lots of sun, very few clouds and in the upper 70s  low 80s. Could not ask for more! Here is a picture from the town down the road from where we live. (the pictures get bigger if you click on them.)
a couple days ago 
The weather report for this weekend.
“Most models indicate a possible half foot of snow with heavier amounts possible in some areas by late Sunday. Snow will diminish Sunday evening and bitter cold air will spread across our region by Monday. Combination of temperatures as low as 15 below and strong winds may produce wind chills of 30 to 35 below next Monday and Tuesday.”
Sounds more like a forecast for Canada than southern Indiana. So glad we aren’t there.
We went out for breakfast at the hotel across the street. Sat in the outside part of the restaurant on the beach and watched the birds fishing. Feeding frenze!

Yesterday morning we took a drive to the little town of El Quelite about 25 miles north east of Mazatlan. We try to go there several times a year and have many friends there.

The free road - the 15 - north has been resurfaced most of the way there. And with all the rain this year everything is so green. All the dust has been washed off the plants and they are happy. Lost of farming in the area too. Chili peppers, sorghum, mangos and corn that I recognized.

On the way there we passed the Tropic of Cancer Sign and for once I remembered to take a picture of it. Then on the way back I noticed there is more information and a big globe on the west side of the road. I will try to remember to have Bill stop there next time to check it out.

Going into El Quelite – most of these little towns have an arch of some sort. 

Found some information about the town on line – don’t know when it was gathered but thought I’d share it. Population is around 1725 people. Like I said a small town.
“In El Quelite exist about 470 households.
Of these households 471 are common houses or apartments, 20 are without floor and about 15 consist of one room only.
391 of the normal households have sanitary installations, 461 are connected to the public water supply, 459 have access to electricity.
The economic situation allows 38 households to own a computer, 350 own a washing machine and 456 households are equipped with one ore more televisions.”

I guess TVs are important. Most of the homes have satellite dishes. The streets are a cobblestone type. This year the town was flooded during the November hurricanes so there is still a lot of dirt on top of the stones. No homes were damaged but the water was high. We see this man and his burro every year.

After parking we went to our favorite restaurant El Mason d Los Laureanos for breakfast. These are the appetizers and included with all breakfasts – big glass of fresh squeezed juice, bowl of local fruit, cheese made in the town and of course tortilla chips and salsa.

We both had Huevos revueltos con jamon – scrambled eggs with ham. Bill had refried beans too. And something new this year little round pancake like things that were like a sweet cornbread. I just ate them forgot to take a picture of them. And at the end of the meal rice pudding and a pineapple cream pudding. $15 including coffee. A picture of part of the restaurant. 

I’ve written about this restaurant a lot here's one link to one of the times we were there http://www.movingon1.com/2elquelite.php
And it is also where I had my encounter with the Iguana. Click on this link to read about that. Twas funny - well now it is - not so sure it was then.
As we were leaving I realized we hadn’t seen or heard the parrot Lola squawking. So Bill asked about her. Seems she managed to fly out the door again but this time she flew right in front of a car – and she is no more. Bet every one misses her.
This is the porch at the front of the restaurant. Shade, rocking chairs and plants. Tom - wouldn't you love to be sitting there right now.

The local boys gathered in the street with their burros.

One of the buildings across from the restaurant. Love the colors.

We were looking down in the wash right behind the restaurant and saw this turkey strutting his stuff. First time we’ve seen turkeys there. Usually just the beautiful roosters prancing around.

One of the old houses in El Quelite – it is 150 years old. Bill was talking to the man about it. Can’t see it in this picture but there are several cactuses growing out of the tile roof.

Some info about the house.

Another old home down the block. Almost all of the homes in El Quelite are painted in bright colors and all have beautiful plants – some of the ferns are as big as Volkswagens!

This is one of my favorites.

Lots of plants of all kinds everywhere. Here is a mutant cactus.

This garage door is not wood, it is faux painted metal. Several of the buildings have faux paint designs on them. Notice the satellite dish.

A walkway from the street over the wash to someone’s home.

Not a very good picture but there are six people on this ATV – five children and one adult. This is a very common site zipping around the small streets.

Another colorful home. It has pink trim.

Heading out of town back towards Mazatlan. Several years ago the Doctor who owns the restaurant we went to held a raffle to raise money to buy and plant bougainvilleas along the road from the main highway all the way into town. They are now starting to really grow and bloom.

We’ll be returning there several times during our stay here. It is a town that makes you smile just to be there. And the people are WONDERFUL. We even looked at a couple houses there to buy a few years ago. But then came to our senses – after all we have the Alfa.
Came home and enjoyed the rest of the day. Bill cooked steak on the grill and I did onions and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and corn and a salad for a good dinner. Afterwards he washed and I dried the dishes. Usually the person who doesn’t cook does the clean up. But shared the work last night. Then watched a movie.

Tonight we’ll be going to the Art Walk in the Centro Historico and probably have dinner in the Plazuela Machado. Going with friends who are staying across the street at the Torres hotel. 


  1. One of my favourite memories from our trip last winter - breakfast there with you two. Poor Lola…….

  2. Sweet little town! Thanks for sharing.