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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Concordia on San Sebastian Day

After leaving Malpica the other day we continued on into Concordia. (See map previous post.) First stopping at the “laundry ladys” just before town. There is a natural hot springs here and government has built basins with washing facilities for them to use.
There was only one lady doing laundry today. The buckets on the ground are used like wash tubs. The clothes, hot water and soap go in them and then the lady swishes them around with her foot.
There were several young men around the area. They looked like they might be traveling – two vans and a truck camper. They were washing their clothes and them selves.
Driving into Concordia.

Arriving at the church.
By the time we were parked and back at the church a band was playing in front of it.
The 20th was San Sebastian Day – the town was first called San Sebastian – so there were lots of festivities going on. This is a contraption to shoot off fireworks. Several men were in the process of putting it together.

Eventually it would stand straight up with the bamboo framework holding the fireworks.
Walking through the Central Market we discovered the Post Office and the mailman’s transportation.

And this little boy was patiently waiting for his parents to close their store – watching cartoons on TV.
 A colorful mural on a small museum.
Beautiful plant hanging over a wall.
As we circled back to the church Mass was just letting out. It was Confirmation Day. Lots of children dressed all in white.
A little girl in her beautiful dress taking care of her brother. Colorful plastic toys for sale.
Boys dressed all in white too.
Posing for pictures
The gazebo in the plaza across from the church

Looking down one of the side streets. Notice how high the sidewalks are to protect the homes and businesses from flooding.
Then on home as the day was getting to hot to enjoy. It is always much hotter inland than it is in Mazatlan.
The last couple of days we’ve roamed around the Centro Historico on foot – looking at all the neat buildings there. 
I should quit complaining about the heat. We just talked to our neighbor at home and it is -3 degrees with snow on the ground there - in the middle of the afternoon!

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  1. Debbie Lawrence (Canada)January 26, 2014 at 8:41 AM

    Hey Bill & Carol, Love reading about your recent adventures....very interesting indeed. Hope all works out okway with your home back in the US. Colder here today as well. Wait need to check lottery tickets, maybe we can come back! LOL Have a fantastic day!