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Saturday, October 18, 2014

200 miles further west

We’re now 200 miles down the road staying for the night in Liberal, KS at the Western Star RV Ranch. Seems like a nice place. Big level gravel pull-throughs. Good WiFi and clear satellite reception. Got here in time to watch the truck race and the soccer game. In Liberal there is an Airplane Museum and Dorothy’s house from the Wizard of OZ. Don’t know if we’ll unhook and go see them or not.
So what else happened on Friday? Well we held our breath when we got up and turned the TV on in the morning. As Thursday evening for some reason our signal went POOF…Nothing we did would get it started again. Not the TV set but the satellite mechanism and/or box???  Any way it came on fine in the morning. Thank goodness – this is Talladaga weekend! [NASCAR]
So we turned it off and went into Wichita to explore the town. Going into town we got into construction traffic again. Does every major city always have the main roads leading into and out of downtown in some state of construction. I see the Kansas City Royals are in the Series – good luck to the people going to the stadium – the main highway going past it is or was when we went by – all tore up. So back to the day.
We found most of the sculptures and then drove around town a little checking out some of the different old buildings and older residential sections. 

Some pretty trees and a different sculpture! 
And don't know the story on this car - it was just parked at the curb. 
We came home a different way – to the west of the city out through the farming country. I was surprised to see cotton – the first we’ve seen this trip.
And once in the campground we had to stop for a good sized turtle. When I went to take his picture he got shy.
Walked around the campground a little – more little turtles taking the sun.
And of course the geese in the ponds.
It really is a pretty campground.
Then I turned the TV on … good it worked…then I tried to change channels. Pushed the buttons – nothing happened. Tried again. Nope. Turned it off and on – that worked, turned the volume up that worked.  Tried changing channels  nothing it was stuck on one channel. Fooled with it some more. Then called Direct TV tech support. We were on the phone over a half hour but finally the remote started working again. No one was quite sure what the problem was but either something they did or something we did here finally worked. But they are sending us a new remote – to our house. We’ll have it sent to us when we are going to be somewhere for a week or so. Until then hope everything keeps working. The strange part was we couldn’t change channels using the receiver box either. Weird.

Got up this morning and got on the road. Good drive – decent highways with little traffic. Got here and all is well with the TV and remote. 

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