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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome To Las Vegas

Strange I thought I posted this earlier but guess I got distracted or something. So here it is now. 
Boring day to write about yesterday. Didn’t even go out to eat!
We did go to Fry’s to pick up Bill’s sunglasses – thank goodness – they are the clip on type that attach to his regular glasses. And the company quit making them so he just can’t buy another pair.
Then we went looking for the cords we use to tie the curtains back. Found a Michaels and a Hobby Lobby but no ties. In the process of hunting for Michaels we stopped at a Sam’s Club and got some croissants – theirs are very good. And some black pepper – do you believe I left home with out some. How can one forget black pepper? 
By this time we were in the area we used to live in so just drove around a bit checking things out. The thing I like about Vegas is that it has so much wide open space. Then in to an Albertson’s grocery store. Their deli has some of the best fried chicken ever made. Picked up a few things and a bag of chicken then headed home.
The weather here remains nice – not too hot but warm. The wind has stopped blowing so there is some smog in the air but it doesn’t seem to bother Bill.
I looked up the big Ferris wheel to see how much it cost to ride it. $25 per person during the day. $35 per person at night. It takes one half hour to make the revolution. Not sure I want to spend that much…40 people CAN fit in one capsule. WOW fear of heights and claustrophobic all at once. Do want to get a closer look at it though.
We did do a touristy thing though. Stopped at the Famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign and took pictures. The city has built a parking area and landscaped around the sign so people can get up close and personal with it. See the Show Girls? And the guy with the white cap with the safari cloth on it, he will use your camera and take your picture for a “tip.”
The Show Girls – note the tattoos on one and the Band-Aid on the others leg. They didn't notice me taking their picture so I didn't have to "tip" them.
I caught this shot of Bill. Thought the people on the right would never get done. They had a new camera and no one could figure it out.
And he took this of me.
Just a plane landing at the airport right across the street. The pilot had 14 freckles on his nose.
We also drove out to Hoover Dam to look at the new bridge from the Dam but that will wait until tomorrow - 

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