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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Old Hardware Store

More from Halstead - just walking down the street when I noticed this hopscotch game. Haven't seen one drawn on a sidewalk in years. And no I didn't hop.
This is a flower shop - and antiques - and stuff. I like the painting on the outside and the drawings on the sidewalk out front. 

they look like chalk but are really paint
Then we found the original hardware store of the town. Serving Kansas since 1885. So neat to go in it. The ceiling was installed in 1906.

 The bins and drawers are original to the late 1800"s when the store was built. Notice the ladder on a rail to reach the top most shelves.

The items for sale are authentic. Either really old or exact reproductions. Knobs, pulls, handles, lamps etc.etc. This storage unit was used to sort nails - each drawer is labeled with the size.
 A pot bellied stove - a couple chairs and a checker game using washers and nuts as pieces. All amongst the bins of hardware. Oh yes, also a spitoon. 
1915 Delco-Light washing machine. Electric with copper tub.

The original flooring from 1896 Lots of people have walked on it. 
 Original wall in the back room. More tools.
 And more cubbies and drawers. I wonder how they find anything. 
They have a web site if you are looking for any old hardware for furniture. Some really beautiful stuff The Old Hardware Store.
It is so fun to wander around little old towns. 
Today we are going into Wichita and maybe to Yoder. Looks like it will be a really nice day. 
This is the second part of our Halstead visit. 

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