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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crossing Kansas

Guess I have some catching up to do. After watching the NASCAR race on Sunday I didn’t feel like doing any thing. Needless to say my favorite driver got in a wreck and is eliminated from the rest of the chase this year. Would you believe that in forty some minutes this car was back out on the track finishing the race.
We left Halstead on a beautiful morning. 
and head west across Kansas – there is lots and lots of Kansas. And this was pretty much the scenery. Grain storage. And fields of crops.
Trucks carrying grain either from or to storage.
One little town we went through had this statue of a lady waiting to cross the street on one corner. Can’t remember the town but it was on the 54.
I had the trip all planned out but then there were some changes –which actually started my bad mood. We’d planned on stopping in Liberal, KS – where we could overnite and go see Dorothy’s house – from Wizard of Oz and the airplane museum there.We did stop  – decent RV park right off the highway. So we parked, settled in and I watched the truck race while Bill took a nap. Or I guess I should say he tried to take a nap. The people we’d parked next too decided they’d have a party – a loud party. So he got up irritated – the party continued to grow in size…Next thing I knew we were unplugged and back on the road. Heading another 200 miles towards Tucumcari, NM. I tend to get grumpy when my plans are changed…so we had a mostly quiet drive - with just a few snide remarks from me. Some about the weather in front of us that did not look too nice. A lovely rain storm, and one of the things we forgot to do before leaving home was change the windshield wipers. [kept mouth shut about that one.] They didn’t wipe they smeared! Looking in front of us. Hum – we are in Kansas aren’t we. This bunch of clouds stayed to the left of us –
And what we were driving into looked like this.
We needed diesel so stopped at a station somewhere out there…they had a new trainee and she couldn’t figure out how to work the credit card machine. Then the pumps wouldn’t start. Anyway finally we got $50 about 13 gallons of diesel – paid in cash and got out of there. This didn’t improve my mood any. And it was getting late. And we were crossing into another time zone. Watching the sunset and still not to our destination. 
It’s been a long time since we’ve driven in the dark in the RV. Bill was impressed with how illuminated the control panel was. Well goody for him!
Finally arrived at Kiva RV in Tucumcari – full dark and no one in the office. So we drove on in and headed towards where we usually park – getting darker and darker. Finally the owner came to meet us and led us into a spot. We got there just a little after 7:00. A 413 mile day. 
We quickly set up and unhooked the car and went to Del’s restaurant for dinner. Their liver and onions is delicious – improved my mood somewhat.
Spent the next day in Tucumcari too, Sunday. Went out to breakfast at really nice café. All decorated with Route 66 items – but forgot my camera.

Then watched the race. AAARRRGGG.  Fixed a good chicken dinner and readied to leave Monday morning.. On to Gallup, NM. 

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