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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Erotica and Machine Guns - That's Vegas

We got out and about yesterday. Willie is running fine, no more weird noises when we stop. We found an upholster who can get the foam we need for the dinette bench seat I always sit on to use the laptop. It is getting a little saggy. While wandering around town looking for the place – Tried using Streets and Trips – sent us to the wrong place. Then the GPS – it had no idea where to send us. Finally asked Bill’s phone and voila – showed us exactly where to go and how to get there. Notice I said “asked” – still amazes me that I can just talk to it and it responds right away. So where I’m going with this is this.
In our wandering around we passed it. Had no idea such a place existed. I looked it up on the web later. Interesting.
Then we headed south on the strip. Have to take photos of the strip. Going by Caesars Palace. Lots and lots of people walking along the sidewalks. And lots of characters to get your picture taken with. 
New York New York and Lady Liberty.
Then across the street the Excalibur – Dating myself I remember when it was built. It was so amazing. And now it is cute but so tacky looking.
Past the Luxor. Travel the world in a couple of miles.
I saw this sign and when I told Bill I want to go do that. He almost wrecked the car laughing. So guess we won’t go. Wonder if I can convince our son to go?
And then our destination. Fry’s Electronics. Love the place. So much neat stuff. The entrance looks like an old fashioned slot machine. The barriers in front are made to look like stacks of silver dollars.
We wandered around in there for quite a while, buying a couple of small things. Checked out the big “As Sold on TV” area and got a grill mat for the BBQ. And looked for a “Twitter for Dummies” book. They didn’t have one.
So back in the car Bill discovered his clip on sunglasses that had been in his shirt pocket weren’t there. Back into the store and we walked around everywhere we’d been. No glasses. He checked with lost and found. No glasses. Crap. Left them our phone number just in case.
Would you believe that about an hour after we got home they called. They had the glasses so we’ll go pick them up today.
Yesterday afternoon Bill was outside polishing and working on Willie – and he continues to feel good.
Watching the morning news now – will be so glad when the election is over. What a travesty. 100 million dollars to get a job that pays 300,000!!!!
And people still say “Aren’t you afraid to go to Mexico. People get killed there.” Well they just arrested a guy that killed seven people in INDIANA.
Other than going to Fry’s to get his glasses no plans for today


  1. I don't know why, but I am fascinated by the Big Wheel. I can't visualize how big it is. I'm not interested in riding it, just want to see how big it really is. Maybe some day I'll get to Vegas. Lucky you are getting the glasses back. I lost my iPod Touch and looked all over for it. Two months later, I found it under the sofa cushion. What a nice feeling.

  2. Love Vegas. Have to check out Fry's next time. Twitter is easy.