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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Las Vegas Baby!

Very early Sunday morning. What am I doing up already? Just couldn’t sleep any longer.
We watched the soccer game yesterday – not the score we would have liked but it was a good game. Then I watched the Truck race – pretty good race. Lots of bumpin’ and bangin’ went on. Today is the Cup race.
Weather here is pretty warm up in the high 80s – with a pretty good breeze yesterday. And today is supposed to be the same. The humidity is very low so both Bill and I are stuffed up but he didn’t seem to be sneezing and wiping his nose and eyes quite as much. Sure hope he finds some relief. Guess we’ll see later today.
Didn’t do much – took Willie to the car wash – he had road tar all over him so now looks spiffy again. BUT – don’t know what it is about Vegas but he is acting up again! He is stuttering when slowing down. Transmission or brakes?  Mechanic time Monday.  Then we went to the big Flea Market here to go to the “As Seen on TV” store and it was closed. Then to the Argentine market where Bill shopped. Stocking up on GOOD stuff. It is nice to be in a big city where you can find all kinds of good stuff.

Drove down a few blocks of The Strip on the way home. Maybe some new construction going on. Couldn’t tell for sure. One new place – where the old Sahara was – is open. It’s called SLS. Didn’t look very pretty. Lots and lots of traffic and lots and lots of people on the sidewalks. Busier than I've seen it in a while. 

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