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Monday, October 27, 2014

Willie is getting old too

Yesterday, Sunday, was a quiet day. Didn’t want to drive the Jeep any where until we know what is wrong with it. 
So we just strolled around the campground, watched TV (Cup race) and read. Also did the accumulated laundry. Always glad to get it done when I’ve let it pile up.
We got neighbors who have spread out. Their rug is a foot or so into our campsite. Don’t really mind as we weren’t using that area anyway. What I do mind is they’ve spread their chairs out there too and like to sit outside and SMOKE. So guess we’ll be keeping our windows closed evenings from now on.
Found out what is wrong with Willie and he is in getting repaired now. Should be fixed by later this afternoon. Bad ball joints. Guess he is like us – the years and miles tend to add up.
Did some cleaning and rearranging this morning and some knitting – otherwise just waiting. Need to go to grocery store later. And get my hair cut. My experiment in letting it grow is OVER. Cannot stand it any longer so going back to my very short style.
Bill continues to feel good – but now I’m the one sneezing – It is just the dry weather. Hopefully I’ll adjust in a couple of days

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