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Friday, October 10, 2014

Alfa is repaired.

Yesterday evening ended well. Watched my favorite Cup driver #18 get the pole for the race Saturday night. And our tummies were happy and full. If you ever get the chance eat at a Bandana’s BBQ – try their Sweet and Sour BBQ sauce. They seem to be mostly in Missouri. And the last two days [even with what’s been going on] Bill has felt so much better than the last couple of months. A silver lining.
A picture of yesterday’s drive time. At least we were at the very upper edge of the storm. And it is pretty much how it was all day today. 
Our view from our camping spot. Yes that is Willie parked by the fence, Bill hadn't moved him yet. 
And this is what is under our bed! Checking the altenator. 
Mechanic was taking out old alternator – and it was still raining. Is it ever going to stop raining in the Midwest this year?
Everything is now fixed and we’re staying another night here at Camping World – we could have left around noon but it is STILL raining so they said we could stay another night.
The problem was the alternator – it gave up. So we now have a new one. Big excitement for the day a WalMart run for lettuce and night lite. For awhile we lost Direct TV so much cloud cover. It finally came back on but some of the channels are still spotty.

Tomorrow morning we’ll head out again probably ending up somewhere south west of Kansas City. The weather looks like it might not be too bad.  I hope, I hope! 

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