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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another day in Las Vegas

Another morning in Las Vegas – sun is up and so are we. Got kind of cool last night – but will be in the upper 70’s today. Bill continues to feel GOOD!
Got Willie, the Jeep, home in the afternoon. He got new rear universal joints and an oil change so he should be good for the rest of the year – we hope.
Just a couple of pictures of the campground. Up close and personal. But the location and price is good.

After getting the car we went out for a while. Visited with our daughter-in-law then to the grocery store and to get my hair cut. Don’t know why I ever let it grow. It took me a while to convince the girl I really wanted it cut “that” short. I said “real short” She said “about one inch.”  I said “no, much shorter” Finally convinced her to use the short clippers – but she was nervous about it. Afraid I’d be upset it was so short. I think she was glad to see me happy and leaving. It was so nice to look in the mirror this morning and not seeing “that stuff” sticking up all over my head.
No plans for today except maybe going to the big electronics store Fry’s – always like to go there. And to Hobby Lobby to get some drapery tie backs.

I had to laugh yesterday – we were driving up one of the main roads – Desert Inn - here – and the road alone is almost as wide as our whole town! It is four wide lanes each direction. 

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