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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello from Mulberry Grove, Ill

YES – we are on the road finally.
But to degress…yesterday after the mighty clap of thunder the weather cleared for a while. But then later in the evening it went to pot again. A shot from the TV. We were under a tornado watch for about a half hour. We are just about where the yellow arrow [that’s as good as I could make one] touches the red box. 
But all we ended up getting was some more rain.
Got up early this morning and finished loading the Alfa with the last of the stuff from the refrigerator and the electronics. And it was just getting light out – too many trees here to see the lunar eclipse darn it. So we went out to breakfast at one of the very local restaurants. Always good food, service and people. Brownie’s in Bean Blossom. Came home and Bill took a short nap. I went out in the Alfa and tried to remember where everything plugged in – MiFi, phones, laptop etc.
Around 10:15 we left. But not without some Oh Oh moments. Funny how when you’re not following a routine it is easy to forget things – like unplugging the RV from the house. OOPS. And there they go with me following closely behind.
We hook the car once we’re out of the hills. Then on through our little town. Great there was a truck parked in half of our lane. The cars decided to wait until we were past.
Just some of the pretty fall colors we went through.
Talk about a beautiful day. Just perfect for traveling. Mid 70 range temperatures and humidity at a low 24% - enjoying it while we can. Another typical Indiana scene. Big white farm house, colorful trees and lots of corn.
We took a different road to the interstate this time. Lots of big truck traffic on it – and it was a narrow road. Also got stopped for about 10 minutes in a repaving zone.
Through the little town of Cloverdale – I tried to find out how old it is but could only find out the size – little and the population – not many.
Then on to the I-70 and all of a sudden we saw this!
Kind of unnerving until we realized the truck cab was being towed! Whew. I was glad to get away from him when we pulled off to get diesel at $3.45 a gallon at a Pilot in Brazil, IN. 30 cents a gallon cheaper than in Illinois.
Pretty soon we passed another town sign - this one for Paris. Wow Brazil and Paris in one day – are we one of the Jet Set now?
More fall colors – very pretty area.

And these trees out in the middle of a lot of water. All that rain we’ve been having is doing some flooding.
On into Illinois. Don’t I take this picture every year?
We stopped in a campground we go to every year too – in Mulberry Grove. We know the sites are level and there are no trees so we can get our Direct TV up and running again. Always have to call them to get the box activated again after it is not used all summer. Also the campground has a good internet and 50 amps. It’s called Cedarbrook RV and is easy to get to at exit 52 off the I-70.

With all the construction on the Interstate –it was slow going - took us almost five hours to go 200 miles. We kind of plan on going on tomorrow BUT the weather is starting to look iffy – if it is raining in front of us we’ll stay and wait it out. We’re not in a hurry to get anywhere. 


  1. Safe travels! Sure makes me want to get on the road.


  2. Glad to see you got away safe. Love travelling along with you!!! Pictures are always wonderful.