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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall got here!

Wow! Fall has arrived with a furry. Very cold weather, I was surprised there wasn’t any frost on the ground this morning. Got below 40 overnight. With lots of wind and some heavy rain. Some of the trees have already lost most of their pretty leaves. Our driveway is covered with leaves, acorns, and twigs.
Can hardly see the gravel. High today will be mid 50s. With more rain on the way. And another cold night. 
Glad I got these pictures when I did.

With all the wind and humidity and cold yesterday it wasn’t a good day for Bill. Either that or he didn’t want to do any work in the Alfa.
Today he’s much better though. We went into town this morning for breakfast and some shopping. We keep remembering things we want to have with us. I HAD to get my Jelly Bellys from Sam’s Club and my BIG bag of M & Ms. Can’t leave home without them.
Have most of what we can preload done - I cleaned the refrigerator real good and put all the stuff still in there in bags - partly to keep the shelves clean and partly to make it easier when go time comes. Looks kind of funny to open the refrig door and see a bunch of plastic bags sitting around in there.
Another sports on TV day today. Watched the soccer game when we got home and now I’m waiting for the Nationwide race to start.
Our little town was full of tourists when we came home from shopping. In fact a couple of the streets were blocked off for an event. When there are only five streets it makes it an adventure to get home when two of them are closed. And everyone with a little space around their home has out a Park Here $3 sign stuck in their front yard. Even the field five blocks from the main intersection had cars in it. $3.

One of the outlying farmer’s markets places had their annual event - grinding sorghum with a horse. Lots of people stopping to watch. 

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