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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What a lovely day! NOT!

Another day and MORE rain. We both had restless and awake a lot last night. We always are when we are planning on leaving. But got up to rain with the forecast of more rain all day. Not fun to drive in that. (This was taken around noon) just before all he!! broke loose. 
So...back to bed went the driver and I’m playing around on the computer thinking about going back to sleep. Almost everything is in the Alfa - just a basic few things still in the house. There are plastic bags sitting all over the kitchen counter with “last minute” things in them. i.e. coffee, tea, favorite frying pans, sugar, nooks, toothpaste - well you get the idea. Just have to remember if we take something out of a bag to put it back in the bag not the cupboard. 
Also need to hand wash any dishes we dirty - horrors! Instead of putting them in the dishwasher. And don’t put any dirty clothes in the hamper - they will have to go in the Alfa. Stupid little things but important to remember.
I don’t think I remember a year where the Midwest has had so much rain. Everyone’s grass is still really green and growing. The only blue sky today - took this on the way home from town. 
To waste some time today we went into Columbus for breakfast after I wrote the first part of this. Then to buy some fluorescent lights for the Alfa - cheaper at Menards then Camping World. Then we stopped at Verizon to see if it would be economical to up our allotted GBs per month. For the last four or five months we’ve been going over them and having to pay quite a bit extra. Well of course it would be cheaper to take advantage of their “More Everything” plan. With the MiFi and both phones we could get 10 MORE GBs a month and it would cost us less than the last couple month’s bill. BUT here is where it gets tricky - how would we like to add a tablet to that - only $50 with a $100 rebate - how could we resist. And it would be part of our new package. So right now Bill is playing with it. Just what we need - neither one of us can figure out our phones -

Whoa - loud and close thunder. Made me jump. Sure glad we aren’t on the road. And even closer lightening and thunder - in fact so close it knocked one of the mirrored doors off the medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom. And shook a towel rack off the wall. Of course the medicine cabinet mirror BROKE! 
I REALLY HATE THAT UPSTAIRS BATHROOM. I'm beginning to think a nasty spirit lives in there. (Maybe it's pissed because I never did get the trim painted.)


  1. Hope the rain stops soon so you can get on the road.