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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Emporia, Kansas tonight

Our view for the last couple of days.
View this morning! The same tree.
 Another tree in the rv park. I know it as an Osage Orange – the “real” name is Maclura pomifera. Also called the Hedge apple, Horse apple, Monkey ball and boisd’arc
It's inedible fruit

Today there is no rain but lots and lots of wind. A little warmer when protected from the wind! Lots of sun. At 7 a.m. we watched a soccer game – Argentina vs HongKong in China – they love Messi there – one fan ran out on the field to get him to sign his shirt. After the game we packed up and left Ottawa at 9:30.
Only got as far as Emporia about 50 miles away. Home of Clint Bowyer - NASCAR driver. 
We stopped to eat breakfast at a Flying J – Huddle House. Decided not to drive any further because of the wind  – it was gusting up to 45. It's “supposed” to let up after midnight. Luckily there is an RV park – Emporia RV – right next to the Flying J. So after breakfast we just pulled in. We’re not in a hurry to go anywhere so why drive in the wind. Bill says the Alfa is like a sailboat and the wind really likes to push it around.
The park has good Internet and big pull-throughs and good line of sight for Direct TV.  But it is between two main highways and next to a truck stop. So far the noise from the wind has drowned out the noise from the traffic. We’ll see how the night goes.
After parking we headed out to WalMart – doesn’t everyone. To get some groceries and I needed shorter knitting needles – the ones I was using kept falling out of my hands. AARRGG. [got my knitting on the new needles and they are so much easier to handle.]

Drove around downtown Emporia a little.  This was the only mural I saw in town. So had to get a picture of it. 
Looks like a pretty nice little Midwest town. Some old interesting buildings. 
built in 1906
Pretty tree in the residential area.
What more could you ask for? BBQ and Ice Cream. 
An old theater building
this theater is on the National Register of Historic Places 
And some antiques. They had lots and lots of metal wagon wheels if you're ever looking for one. 
In case you're wondering the town was founded in 1857.
Spending the rest of the day - doing nothing. Trying to figure out which way we'll go tomorrow. 

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