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Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Friday we must be in Las Vegas.

So what day is today? That happens when traveling (and getting older) – at least I know where I am. And after thinking I do know what day it is. Friday evening and we are in Las Vegas, NV.
Last time I wrote we were headed to Cottonwood. A rather uneventful trip. Except for the weird stuff along the highway. A case in point. Plaster animals on a hill near a “Indian Trading Post.”
Some pretty trees on I-17 heading down the hill from Flagstaff to Cottonwood. Sorry about the reflections. They were really pretty. And the sky was so blue.
Just a picture of the Alfa in the 1000 Trails campground. 
Everything was so green this year. And the campground was really full. Guess a lot of people are starting to travel again.
So we didn’t stay there very long as Bill’s allergies came back with a force! Then I happened to read that the Verde Valley is a terrible area for pollens etc. Great! So we left way before we planned to.
This morning leaving the campground we saw this hot air balloon taking off. Notice the haze over the valley. More about that later.
Just a picture of the window in the door of the Alfa with the sun shining through it. I’m surprised it has lasted as long as it has – about eight years of travel. Bill did a good job on it.
Just west of Flagstaff we saw a sign “Caution smoke ahead – controlled burn.” Wow no kidding about the smoke. That was what we saw over Cottonwood too. It got kind of thick for a while.
We left Arizona around 8:00 and got to Vegas around 1:00 – with a stop for gas and lots of slowing for smoke (two times) and lots of construction on I-40. That highway really needed the work. A little over 300 miles to the 1000 Trails park in Vegas. This park too is FULL. But we got a 50 amp site way in the back.
Oh before I forget – just coming into Boulder City I saw a sign next to the highway – a picture of mountain goats. I turned to Bill and said, “Do you think any one has ever seen a mountain goat around here?” A couple of minutes later we saw a bunch of cars parked along the road and why were they parked there” Because there was a HERD of MOUNTAIN GOATS along side the highway. And I was so surprised I didn’t think to pick up my camera.
After getting here just settled in and sat for a while then went out to eat at Blueberry Hill restaurant. Got the senior dinner special which comes with desert. So we got two pieces of carrot cake to bring . Those of you who have followed this blog for a few years might remember the “Tale of the disappearing carrot cake”. We brought it home, put it in the refrigerator and when I went to get it – it was gone! Neither the cake nor the styrofoam box it came in ever showed up.
So that’s where we are…Tomorrow morning we have to watch the El Classico soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Then if the truck race is still on the end of it.

And Sunday the NASCAR race. Other than that no plans right now. Except maybe for doing some laundry.
The weather here is warm 88 when we got here. And no wind. Sure made it for nicer driving for Bill.  


  1. Is the parrot on the coach window a decal? or hand painted? I can't figure it out. You are on the inside, looking out. I assume there is a screen door in front of the window, so what is the background behind the parrot? I arrived in Sedona around noon Thursday, thought how close you are. But you are like grasshoppers, here one day, gone the next.

  2. The parrot is stained glass. It is on the inside of the original glass window. Put on with silicon. Bill ;made it years ago to specifically fit the window.