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Friday, October 17, 2014

Part 2 Cosmosphere and Yooder

I'm going to finish up our trip to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, KS. But I will cut this part short I'll only share a few of the many pictures I have left. 
We really enjoyed going there and if you’re ever in the area don’t miss it. While in Hutchinson we also washed poor Willie, he was so dirty from the rain and dust we could hardly see the graphics on him.
While I was posting last night Bill also was adding to his blog. But didn’t add any pictures to it – hasn’t mastered that part yet.
AND we lost TV reception last night – just went out. No amount of resetting the box worked. But this morning it is working fine. Good thing too as the Talladaga race is this weekend. Couldn’t miss that.

But back to the museum - The next part of the museum was about the flights to the moon. 
 Astronauts on the moon. Cannot believe it was that long ago. What happened to our space program? 
 Apollo XIII Command Module, Odyssey. 

Cramped quarters

 We've got a problem - understatement!
Upon splashdown, NASA recovered the Apollo 13 command module Odyssey – the craft housing the mission’s astronauts during their ascent and decent from Earth – from the ocean’s surface on April 17, 1970. Due to problems that plagued Apollo 13 and its crew, the mission was considered a “successful failure” and Odyssey was disassembled and its parts shipped to museums, manufacturers and space centers across the world.
Years later, the Cosmosphere accepted the task of retrieving Odyssey’s 80,000 missing parts and restoring the spacecraft back to its original post-flight condition – a 12-year endeavor. The craft was restored in the Hall of Space Museum by the Cosmsophere’s craftsmen, in full view of museum visitors.
So much history - that I wonder if the young people even know anymore. 
There is also an huge underground salt mine in Hutchinson but after much thought we didn't take the tour. Two minutes in an elevator down 650' underground - kind of turned me off.
Leaving Hutchinson we went down the road a piece to the tiny town of Yoder. Originally settled by the Amish. We went to Carriage Crossing Restaurant for lunch. Plain and good food.  
Of course they had a gift shop! And I had to wander around in it. Some of the beautiful wall hanging quilts there. 
 And I found my favorite purse - I had one like it for years but it finally wore out. So glad to find another one - will take a picture of it later. 
So had busy day - and Bill felt great. 

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