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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Waiting out the weather again.

Not much to report today – we are still in Ottawa, KS. Decided to stay here for a couple of reasons. From here we will go southwest. We had planned on going to Halsted, KS just a little northwest of Wichita. But after watching the weather channel we see that whole area is expecting severe weather tonight. And we don’t want to be in that. Where we are we should again be just on the edge of the weather. To travel far enough west to be out of the weather it was just too many miles to go. Also Bill’s allergies have come back in force today. He can’t go 5 minutes without sneezing or wiping his eyes. Not a good time to drive. We are not in a hurry to get anywhere – so why purposely go to bad weather or drive in it.
So we hunkered in here and watched the gray clouds and TV and read.
Last night we watched the NASCAR race. My driver came in 5th – wish he could have won but 5th is good. And he stayed out of all the trouble. Four or five other drivers got into physical discussions after the race. Just like the “good ole days.”
Fixed a good dinner last night – chicken with vegetables and pasta. Easy and filling and pretty colors. Tonight leftovers. I’ve decided I’m going to cook more this year while in the Alfa – even use the oven. Kind of got out of the habit the last few years.

Watched a video our son and his fiancé (for 6 more days – then his wife) made for a woman who lost her son. Brought me to tears. It is on facebook on Paul and Tina’s Signalong


  1. Got your book in the mail over the weekend !! Can't wait to get started on it---ya'll stay safe and well on your travels this winter!! Hope Bill gets to a place where his allergies won't bother him so much !!

    Nancy Brunson

  2. hope you enjoy the book. it was quite a trip back then.