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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pretty El Queliite

Into the third month of the year already! I was looking back at last year’s blog to remind myself when we left Mazatlan – in April. Then our marathon run to the US. Did it in two days. Nuts. Not this year. 
Doing end of month stuff today. Backing up the laptop first and foremost. Checking on what bills need to be paid and what bills were paid. All that fun stuff.
Friday morning we had breakfast at Torres again. Watch the parasailing. I need to do it pretty soon if I'm going to cross it off this year's list. There is actually one up in the sky in this pic too. 
Yesterday we decided to go to El Quelite again - this time for brunch. Always a nice drive and the weather was perfect. Don't know what these guys were doing. Looks like he's trying to milk his burro! With all the rain around here this year the flowering bushes are really putting on a show. 
The trees too. This one is full of fluffy pink blooms and others have yellow and/or white blooms. The field looks like it might be soy beans. 
Ah yes. They are finally fixing part of the highway into El Quelite. It was full of pot holes and in desperate need of help. 
Hadn't noticed this sign before and didn't see it in time to get a good picture. Looks like it is celebrating 150 years of El Quelite or something that went on there. 
The chicharrone cooking. He used to have only one little pot - now there are three pots and two big propane tanks and a table set up to weigh, package and sell them. 
Again the little town was crowded with visitors. Mostly from Mexico.
This bougainvillea is huge. And such a pretty color. 
The restaurant was pretty busy. We sat outside this time. Under the umbrellas.
Well Bill was under an umbrella. This is looking straight up from my chair. Believe me I kept looking up watching for my friends the iguanas. 
Our table before we even received our meals. Gorditas, chips, bowls of fruit, cheese made in town, Glasses of OJ, salsa, sour cream, curdled cream and I don't know.
Ah Ha my friend the iguana. But he was crawling on the wall no where near my head. Glad to know where he was. Didn't see the big orange one though. 
Vendors outside the restaurant. I don't think the guy in the chair was much interested in selling anything. 
Little burro with hat. He stood there accepting all kinds of attention. But no one wanted to ride him. He was probably glad for that. 
It sure is a pretty colorful little town. 
Some flowers I saw. Love the colors. 
The cactus garden with the unusual cacti. 
Wouldn't you love to sit out on this porch? When this house was for sale a couple of years ago we actually inquired about it. The kitchen is outside - but otherwise very nice. 
Leaving town we stopped to buy some chicharrones. The girl is actually making candy. 
The sugar and milk is put in the big kettle. It takes about two hours to make. With over a half hour of continual stirring. Then it is spread in a shallow pan to harden and be cut into pieces. It is called Jamoncillos.
The chicharrones (pork fat) had just finished cooking - boiling in oil. He took the big kettle off the fire ring and scooped the chicharrones out and put them on a screen to drain. 
Draining. They smelled soooo goood. 
Putting them back in the kettle - drained - ready to be packaged. 

A regular little store. The foil wrapped packages are tortillas. The lady on the right weighs the chicharrones, put them into a paper bag, then into a plastic bag to sell them. They also had plastic containers of jamoncillo for sale. Of course we bought one. Also two bags of chicharrones for fellow campers. 
Then on home. Went out last night to Christy's sports bar for dinner. It is still really cooling down at night - makes for comfortable sleeping. 

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