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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Almost done with the storage closets.

Slowly but surely we are getting stuff done. The house is starting to look “undecorated.” This closet is done Before
After - all that is left goes to “estate sale”
Another storage closet - every box in here contains Christmas decorations! Need to really get rid of some things.
Went into town to the post office and hardware store this morning. This pure white moth was sitting on the car. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite so white.
When we went to the hardware store I noticed a bird’s nest on top of the carved bear out front. The name of the store is Bear Hardware.
This is the view from our side deck. Way out in the distance, 40 miles, is Indianapolis. On the 4th of July we can see their big fireworks display from here. I'm going to miss it. 
Cannot believe the horrid weather Texas and Oklahoma are having. Again - I am thankful we made it home when we did. We are supposed to get another thunder storm here later tonight, but so far the day has been nice.

Bill’s allergies are going up and down. With him having more not so good days than good days. 
Saw these Morel mushrooms at the market today. Check out the price! only .44 of a pound. $65.99 per pound. Is anything really THAT good?

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