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Monday, May 11, 2015

Picked a realtor - so now to packing.

GGGRRRR! I can’t get used to this keyboard and keep deleting what I don’t want too and not deleting what I want to. Can’t find the end key or the delete key - unless I don’t want it. Why aren’t all keyboards the same?
We haven’t even settled on a realtor yet and I’m already exhausted. All I’ve done is clean the fan blades in the kitchen and pack two boxes! One is full of tiny collected pigs and magnets. Do I really, really want to drag them across country? Yep, I think I do. And one box full of framed pictures of the family that were all hanging on one wall. Got to remove the “personal” stuff for showing the house. Anyway that’s what they say on HGTV. Wish we could get one of those programs to come here and do everything. Now we need to go to town and get some packing supplies - tape for the boxes a magic maker so we know what is in the boxes and some bubble wrap or something similar to protect stuff.
Our gardener was here today and he is going to take one of the big work tables from the garage and one piece of furniture - a cedar chest I bought with my first pay check right out of high school - so you know how old that is. It’s just been sitting in the garage since we moved here - empty. At one time, probably about 15 years ago, I decided I wanted to antique it - got about half way and never finished.
We got some rain overnight so that was good for the new plants outside and a little while ago it was sprinkling out. Now the sun is out but the wind has really come up and we’re supposed to get heavy rain. Good.
Had no sooner written that then it began to pour and thunder. Then the TV beeped with a tornado watch until later this evening. Gotta love Indiana weather.
And we have settled on a realtor. She says she’ll be by on Wednesday with a “To do” list before the pictures of the house are taken. Boy I don’t want to see that list.
It is really going to be hard to decide what to keep and ship and what to get rid of. So many things we’ve collected in our travels. But do we really need it? No. Is it worth shipping it? I guess if we haven’t used it since we’ve been here we can get rid of it. A garage sale? Donate it? Have a company sell everything? I can feel sleepless nights coming up. My big problem is I think stuff is worth a lot more than we’ll get for it if we sell it. I have a big set of Syracuse China that is 70 years old and another set of Franciscan Apple design. Both are on line for quite a bit of money - but they are on-line - because they haven’t sold...

Cleaned out my closet and have two huge bags for Goodwill of clothes I wore to work. Why did I bring them to Indiana? Plus they don’t fit any more...One more thing done. 
Got a Mother's Day picture of two of our sons. Wow - both have gray beards! Am I that old?


  1. Just be brutal with the stuff!! Most people nowadays aren't interested in fine china. A friend took mine. And you're right it's all worth a lot less than you think.

  2. This is going to be a hard few months - deciding and then packing and then unpacking. When did I get so old?