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Friday, May 1, 2015

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Today is the 1st of May already. I remember as a small girl we used to dance around a May Pole in school. Even one of our older sons was in a May Pole dance when he was in 1st grade. Do they even do that any more? And I had a friend who always left a May Day Basket on our door step. Times change.
I saw the title of this blog on the spare tire cover of a car today and liked it. "All who wander are not lost." Can mean many things. 
We did not make it home today - thank goodness - my neither regions are getting real tired of sitting. We are in Mulberry Grove, IL about 50 miles east of Saint Louis. We usually stop here going west every year. It is 199.3 miles from here to our driveway! Today we got on the road about 8:30 then stopped for breakfast a hundred miles down the road. Made another rest stop for a few minutes and managed to do 357 miles and The Driver is tired. Always hate going through or even around a big city. And today was no exception even though we took the I-270 around Saint Louis. It was still BUSY - especially when one big truck thought he wanted to share our lane. 
Didn't take too many pictures on the road today. How many picture of highway, green grass and trees do I want. 
Hum...why don't you tell us what you really think? Saw several political signs but this is the only one I got a good picture of. 
Remember all the old barns with Mail Pouch Tobacco painted on them. These are for the Meramec Caverns. I always say we should stop there but we never do. Maybe some day. This blog is kind of about remembering I guess.  
Barely caught this water tower in the town of Pulaski, MO the home of Fort Leonard Wood. 
We took the I-270 around Saint Louis as every time we got through Saint Louis on the 44 I manage to almost get us lost. Also it goes RIGHT through the city and past the arch. Way too much traffic. Well today the 270 had a whole lot of traffic on it too, Was sure glad to finally cross over Ole Miss into Illinois. 
YES! Another state closer to home. - but now we hit construction. Major construction. I need to check if there is an app for Interstate construction.
By 3:15 we'd made it to the Cedarbrook campground in Mulberry Grove. This is the view from our front window. And there is newly mowed grass in front of us too. Smells so good.  
This is a "weather station" in the campground. Wish it would show up better - it is cute. 
This is as good as I could get it.  You can kind of make it out. Today the rock was just hanging there. Not a breeze. 
Walked around the campground a little. This leads down to a pond. This side of the campground has mostly well kept permanent RVs. Some of them have beautiful views. 

We are on the other side where there are several long flat pull throughs. Mostly overnighters.
Tomorrow some time early afternoon we will be home. For the first time in almost 7 months - We left Oct 8th. And we will have done over 7000 miles in the Alfa. So until then - 


  1. Really like the Weather Station sign and nice pictures of the park. Traveling mercies for the last day of your trip home; quite an adventure you have had.

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