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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Got a new laptop - just what I need more stress!

OMG - I am pulling my hair out. Both Bill and I got new computers today. His PC went berserk and practically everything on it quit working. The disk drive went a week ago and yesterday the wireless connection went. My laptop has been half functioning for the last year. So today we made the mistake of going to Best Buy and he got a new PC and I got a new laptop. Of course they both have Windows 8.1……..I can tell you right now it is smarter than me. I want to put icons of programs on the desktop - so far no deal. I guess what I’ll have to do is set it up next to my PC and go online on the PC and get lots and lots of help in setting up. And wouldn’t you know I just got a notice from Verizon that we’ve used 90% of our data already this month. So can’t do too much on line. But luckily tomorrow is the end of the billing period. So guess I’d better wait until Saturday until I do any more. Maybe I’ll try to load old programs. Already discovered Office 2003 isn’t compatible - so that means getting the new Office - the kind you just RENT per year. I wouldn’t bother but the database I use when we travel is in Access. I’m hoping the data and calculations will transfer - if not I really will be bald and/or in a straight jacket before too long. We have had computers since long long ago. Our first computer was a Texas Instrument and our next was a Commodore 64 - it had 64 bites. So we know a little bit but 8.1 is weird.
Just what we need more stress in our lives.
We went into town to pick up boxes to pack our extensive [maybe I exaggerate a little] wine collection in. Now doesn’t that sound hoity toity. Actually for a long time we bought wine as we traveled. And for some reason we haven’t imbibed lately - so it will be traveling back to Vegas with us.
After picking up the boxes we went for breakfast then to Best Buy. Then to pick up some more moving boxes then home. A beautiful day for a ride. Bill spent a lot of time out in the garage packing up a bunch of his handyman stuff. Three or four boxes of little drawers full of little things - screws, nuts, bolts etc., etc., etc. Small hand tools etc. What do you want to bet that we’ll need something from those drawers before we leave and we’ll have to go to the store to buy a nut, bolt, screw.
Had another mover give us an estimate today. They were going to charge extra to have everything trucked down the hill and then loaded in a semi ‘cause they can’t get one up here. Excuse me! How do they think we got all our stuff here in the first place - it was in a BIG semi. Of course that driver wasn’t too happy - but still.
Bill seems to be doing better than I did - he is setting up his PC and being very quiet about it. Even installing some programs from old disks.

I’m going downstairs where it is cooler and watch TV. Tomorrow is another day. 


  1. Windows 8 is the reason John is holding out on buying a new laptop and he is very techie!!!

  2. Windows 8 is the reason John is holding out on buying a new laptop and he is very techie!!!