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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Perfect Day here in Brown County

Today has been a perfect day so far. Bill is feeling much better than yesterday. Guess the rain tamped down the pollen a little and it is much cooler - about 65 - he has on sweats and I have on shorts and a tank top. We need to consolidate for the perfect body temperature. It is gorgeous outside. The kind of day that makes you realize why you live in Indiana. Everything is blooming. Only have one Iris but it is beautiful.
Another Clematis is blooming.
The gardener really worked yesterday. Put mulch all along the front of the house. Always looks so nice when it is new and a deep color. 
As for the perfect day continuing. Barcelona played today and will advancing to the Finals in the Champions League - yippee. AND my driver Kyle Busch who drives the #18 M&Ms NASCAR car will be returning to racing. He’s been out since February when he broke his left foot and right leg in an accident. That is he’ll be back in his car Saturday for the All-Star race UNLESS his wife delivers their baby that night!
I managed to clean out one of our big attic storage closets this morning. We are thinking about having a garage sale in a couple of weeks. Just about everything in that closet was “garage sale” stuff. One box never got opened from the move from Vegas seven years ago. Also straightened two other small closets. Guess if I just keep plugging away at it it will all get done - or not.
Had a contractor here for the repairs that need to be done to my bathroom ceiling AGAIN - he is going to inspect the roof too. Maybe finally find out what the heck is causing the leak.
Choose a realtor - hope we made the right decision. She will be by tomorrow with the paper work and a “To Do” list - hope it isn’t too long or involved. We will also be talking to a company that sells everything in your house. He said, “We’ll even barcode the pencils in the drawer.” We’ll see. Also set up an appointment with a moving company to come and give us an estimate on sending a lot of the furniture BACK to Vegas from whence it came seven years ago. It will be well traveled furniture. Bill wants to for sure keep our bedroom set - the first thing we bought 50 years ago. It is a little worse for the wear - when we had the Northridge earthquake in 1994 - the head board, a solid thick piece of maple got cracked when a hutch came down on it. And when we moved here one of the drawers in the chest of drawers broke its supports. But all in all it still looks good. And has lots of memories.
Got a picture of two of our sons for Mother’s Day - they were golfing. Kind of surprised to see all the gray whiskers.
BTW - does any one want to buy a 1990 Cadillac Allante? Bill doesn’t know I’m putting it in here. 
It has a convertible top too.
Well time to go do something constructive. Like cook dinner. 

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  1. Your home looks lovely and I love your flower photos. Great iris shot.