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Monday, May 25, 2015

Some interesting things to be seen around Brown County

Bill went to the doctor Friday morning and got an allergy shot. Since then he has continued to feel better and better.* He felt so good Saturday that he washed and waxed Willie! - The shot seems to be working. If only it keeps working. He is so happy now and so energized. If he starts feeling bad again it will really be a downer.
We have the flyers for the house; it sure looks nice in the pictures. Please, please some one fall in love with it and buy it. Another of our friendly neighbors over for dinner. Of course not everyone might like him. Did you know it takes about 40 squirrels to make a stew. 
We’ve been staying home and packing more stuff. Well kind of staying home. Went to Camping World up near Indy to get the electrical plugs for the Alfa - turns out that isn’t the problem…lovely - maybe the big cord - hope not, it costs $250. Came home a different way and passed this beautiful old home.
near Trafalgar, IN
And we’ve gone out to breakfast a couple of times to Brownies - the local restaurant. Never know what we’re going to see there. Notice the knife in the right boot and he was wearing spurs too.
Also met this couple. They were all going to a fire arms expo up in the woods somewhere.
And this was parked out front. YUM! For sale - Owner wants around $30,000. Beautiful inside and out.
Yesterday we had company and I cooked a roast - between races. It is funny we live here in Indiana and the Indy 500 is not on local channels. Luckily we can get it because of the set up we have with Direct TV for the motorhome.  We get east and west coast major channels. So we watched it  - glad to see Montoya win. Then we watched the NASCAR race from Charlotte. My kind of day. And the #18 driver got through the entire race and even came in 11th. Ran 5th or 6th for most of the race. 
Earlier we went to Columbus [22 miles] away to go to what else - breakfast - and to the grocery store. On the way home I managed to snap this picture of a new sculpture in our little town. Need to get a closer look at it when not in a moving car. Looks interesting.
*Bill, in my opinion, overdid it the last couple of days. Because he was feeling so good he washed and waxed all three cars - outside - stirring up all the dust and pollen. So today he is paying for it. Sure hope the effect of the shot hasn’t worn off already.
I’m psyching myself up to tackle another one of our big storage closets. No idea what’s in it.

The weather for the next few days is going to be ugly. Gray skies, rain, temperatures in the 80s and humidity in the 80s. UGH. 

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