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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Very Glad To Be Home

Boy this is weird - using my wide screen PC monitor as opposed to the laptop. I feel like I can't see it all at once. 
We have very little done as far as unloading the Alfa done. Just a few electronics and the stuff from the refrigerator and freezer. The Driver is worn out from the last five and a half days of driving. And I'm worn out from just sitting. We are getting old. After we got home yesterday about all we did was go into town - 23 miles away - let friends know we were home and get poor Willie, the jeep, washed. He was filthy. And still needs lots of TLC to be his pretty self again. And of course we ate linner out [lunch/dinner] Came home and crashed. So nice to be in our big Calif King bed again. 
The house was immaculate - many thanks to our house sitter Jodi. Cleaner then I left it. And the Gardener has been here so the outside looks pretty good too. 
Only a few minor repairs inside - well and one major - from leaking roof. Worry about that later. Also got all our mail opened. One or two things that need to be taken care of tomorrow. Phew - just tired writing about it. 
Yesterdays trip was good. Only 200 miles. We stopped for breakfast and to fill the Alfa's tank, just in case prices start to go up again and to wash the bugs off the window.
We were gone just six days short of seven months. I think our longest trip ever. 2045 days. Even the Alfa was getting to feel small. We did about 7200 miles in the Alfa and another gosh awful lot in the Jeep.Here is this years trip. .
 See what I mean about the bugs on the window. And into the rising sun. No good pictures.
 Left Mulberry Grove around 7:45 and got home about 1:30 with a couple of stops along the way. Did take many pictures because nothing caught my eye. When we got off the I-70 and started through the country roads it was prettier. I'm glad to see the trees are still flowering. I was afraid it was so late we'd miss them. 

 Almost the final stretch home - about 20 miles away. Going through the forest. State Road 45 from Bloomington to our house. 
Still have to unload so better get to it. And still need to figure out all the totals from the trip. 


  1. Making it home is always exciting but doesn't take us long to start planning our next trip.


  2. Welcome home. Be gentle with yourselves and take your time unloading.

    1. We always say - take our time. But seems like we need everything in it. But will take time cleaning it.l

  3. Been following you daily for the last 3 years. First encountered you years ago when I was a regular on Tioga George. Thank you for all you do. You are my first stop very morning. I so enjoy the photos!

  4. Thank you so much. Hope you continue to enjoy. Even around here in our little town there is usually something to comment on.

  5. Ah, the joy of being home! The big bed, grass, flowering trees! Why do we leave?

  6. Bill is already having breathing probloems that's why