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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where did all of this STUFF come from?

The weather has taken a change here in Indiana. Yesterday and so far today it is drizzly and gray and HUMID but not cool. Well not hot either - in the mid 80s. Qualifying for the Indy 500 was called off yesterday because the track was flooded. And I just saw that there has already been a wreck this morning.
Speaking of racing - Watched the NASCAR All-Star race yesterday. For his first time back Kyle did pretty good. Except he really screwed up his qualifying - had to start in the back - very unlike him. And sped on pit row during the race so had to go to the back - and had a loose wheel so had to pit. Other than that he did good finishing 6th.
And the truck race Friday night - Erik Jones was robbed. He should have had the win, especially seeings how the wining truck was set up illegally. Erik lost by .005 seconds. That is POINT 005 seconds. That’s racing I guess.
Today there are two soccer games on at the same time. Both important. Bein Sports TV is going to show them simultaneously - that should be interesting. 
We finally got our fixed Tablet back from Verizon and now I'm trying to remember how to set it up. And why do we have one in the first place? 
Around noon today we have another person from one of those “estate sale” companies coming to talk to us and check out our “estate.” We're trying to get answers on if we should sell privately some things - like paintings and all the stained glass and glass equipment. Or if they'll get decent prices for them...
Yesterday Bill was up before 5 o’clock and down in the basement packing up all his hobby stuff for the leather and carving. He says he isn’t going to let the allergies beat him. He worked most of the day. Even fixed the broken mirror in his bathroom. The day before his breathing got so bad I had my finger on the phone for 911 - but once he relaxed it got better. Got to be scary. 
I’m plugging away at sorting stuff in the big storage areas we have. Why or Why did I save a whole box full of cables that go to computers and accessories? Sure save strange things.
Going to tackle another storage area today - stuff I haven’t even looked at since we put it in there. Bunch of suitcases and boxes of collectible tin cans. And other stuff. Then need to go through 30 boxes of Christmas stuff. None of its been out of the boxes in six years. 
On Monday and Wednesday we have moving companies coming to give us estimates. The realtor will be here twice - once to take pictures and then to put up signs and flyers.
The contractor finally found out from where the roof is leaking. So now that has to be torn up and fixed and my bathroom ceiling and wall still has to be fixed. That will be a mess.
I finally caught a picture of our turtle. He/she is a big one.
see him sitting there?
And that’s about it for today. Got to get to work sorting stuff. 

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