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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Busy days.leath

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Especially our daughters-in-law and our granddaughters who are mothers. Some flowers for you to enjoy.
growing on the side of the house
We have been keeping unusually busy lately. We’ve finally got our broken tablet on its way to be fixed [had to find a FedEx to mail it!] Of course none in our little town. But one each in the two bigger towns 20 some miles from us. Found one in Columbus, mapped it and went there. Now we wait.
Also weeded the planters out front and bought a bunch of petunias to plant in them. I’m thinking unless these grow fast the planters might need more plants. Also got some hanging baskets and two beautiful ferns for the front porch. They are so pretty.

A lot of the bushes around the house are blooming too.
Still a lot of cleaning up to do. For some reason all our roses died this winter. They lasted through several winters but not this one. So have to get rid of them. Little by little.
We’ve talked to three different realtors so now just have to make up our minds which one to choose. That part is hard. What if the one we choose doesn’t sell it. Would one of the others have sold it? Never know.
Yesterday we planted the flowers then  had company for most of the day. Watched two soccer games and I stayed up to watch most of the NASCAR rain delayed race. Didn’t finish here until after 1:00 - I only stayed up until the #18 car wrecked. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. Also fixed corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots for dinner. Our delayed St Patrick’s Day fix.
Driving into town I noticed that the fields have been planted. They will grow soy beans this year. There are fields scattered through out the forest along the roads. It doesn’t show in this picture but the beans are just barely coming up. 
Think I’ll post this and then go put an apple pie [frozen] in the oven. While it’s cooking I’ll work on the web pages and see if I can update them some. Some of the stuff that’s on our Brown County Art Studio.  It's a day to work on it as the weather is kind of drizzly and very humid. 
leather face mask or wall decoration

carved wood face surrounded by molded leather

leather hair clip 
leather molded leaf on oval plaque
Until I look at the pages I forget how much stuff is on them. Keep me busy for a while cleaning them up and taking off what has been sold. 


  1. Don't worry about which realtor. Just be sure it gets on MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Chances are the lister won't sell it anyway, but it will be just what another realtor needs for a buyer, in which caser they will split the commission, even though the selling realtor will do most of the work. I would say the most important things if to find a realtor who is very active, and one who makes a lot of sales, and is willing to spend money on advertising and open houses. And put a lot of photos in the MLS listing. Good Luck .

  2. Thats what we're looking for. But finding one here is not as easy as finding one in a REAL CITY. Things are so different here. But I think we've found one. She advertises in Indianapolis and on TV and belongs to a nation wide relocation service. Keeping our fingers and toes crossed.