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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some info about the winter trip.

We are soooo busy. Kind of. Weather is still dry, not too humid and getting quite warm. Up to 85 today with predictions of higher 80s tomorrow and next day. Then starting Saturday rain and rain and more rain.
We’ve been watching the weather channels and are sure glad we came across the Midwest a week ago. And that we didn’t stop anywhere for longer than overnight. Or we would be in the middle of the bad weather.
We’ve interviewed two realtors and will see another one on Saturday; then will make up our minds who to go with. So far we’ve been told the market is doing pretty good this spring. Lots of people from the big cities [Indy, Louisville, Chicago, Cincinnati etc] around us buying 2nd homes here. Hope we get lucky as Bill’s allergies are already making him miserable.
We need to get some of the plants out front replaced and put in some flowers to make things perdy. 
Have appointments for a plumber and a contractor to do some needed repairs and Bill has listed [and sold] some of his big carpenter tools on Craigslist.
Watched a great soccer game yesterday and it was so good we watched the rerun today. Barcelona vs Bayer Munich - one of the best games I’ve ever seen.
I’ve been putting some figures together from our winter trip. Only had a couple big repairs. The alternator on the Alfa on our way west in Kansas and new real universal joints in the jeep in Las Vegas. Then in San Carlos, MX we had the basement compartment doors refiberglassed and painted on the Alfa.
No illnesses this year - except for a cold or two. So all in all it was a very good winter. We averaged $15 a day for campgrounds.
Averaged $22 a day for groceries - this included stocking up before going to Mexico and resupplying when coming back into the US.
Eating out cost us an average of $16 a day. We ate out a lot - breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
The Internet in Mexico cost us $118 for four months.
$646 on toll roads - 99% of that in Mexico. Only toll road in the US was in Oklahoma.
We put about 5200 miles on the jeep - driving it - spending $1052 for gasoline.
And 7380 miles on the Alfa, spending $3106 on Diesel. Averaging about 8.3 miles per gallon. The Driver was busy this year.

We were gone from home for 204 days. I think the longest time we ever spent in the RV. Except for the trip to South America. That was 13 months and 25,000 miles. You can read about that trip in our book “All The Way to Argentina.”
The motorhome we took to South America in 1978


  1. You seemed to eat out a lot so $16.00/day on average is a great price. Haven't had time to do our figures of the trip. Soon I hope.

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