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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Home Sweet Home

We continue to be busy here. Except for one thing that still needs to be done in the Alfa it is ready to close up until we use it again. The forest is really starting to get green, most of the trees have their new leaves. And most of our fishies made it through the winter.
Except for the little rain the other day the weather has been perfect - though tomorrow it will be a little hotter in the high 80s. And then over the weekend it is supposed to rain starting Friday until Monday! Guess that's why everything is so green. 
Looking into our side yard. Sure is pretty here. We had one set of realtors come by today to check out the house. Still waiting for two more companies then we'll decide who we'll list it with. And we for sure will have to leave here. Bill's allergies have kicked in with force already. So sad for him. And everyone is telling us the pollens are worse this year than in years past. Oh goody. 
My quilt squares made it through another winter in good shape. Still bright and cheerful. The Alfa is now parked in the space in the back right of this picture. Plenty of room for it there and electricity too. And not right in front of the house. 
One of the Dogwood trees blooming. Also have jasmine blooming. Smells so good. 
Today we are just taking it easy - need a day of rest. Also going to watch a soccer game this afternoon. And...maybe even cook dinner tonight. 


  1. Love your header photo, the dogwood shoot. Spectacular.

  2. What a beautiful place. You will have no trouble selling it.