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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Living in beautiful Brown County

Today is a beautiful day here - bright and sunny and 65 degrees as a high. And best of all the humidity is low. As has been the way the past week or so we had people coming today so we decided to start out the day by going to one of the nicest local restaurants. Much to our surprise it has been completely painted and the parking lot is no longer mud. But newly striped asphalt. Doesn't it look neat.
 We really like the inside too. All the wood work and articles was done by the owner. The food is excellent, Filling and inexpensive. Had to laugh coffee in Vegas was 2.89 a cup and we had to practically beg for refills. Here it is 1.39 and we had to tell the waiter "no more coffee." Bill had a western omelet and we both had fried taters. YUM. While we were there he had a hard breathing spell and could barely eat between gulps for air. Now he is feeling a little better and has an appointment with the doctor next week. Though there isn't much they can do for him. 
 Got home after breakfast just in time to meet the realtor and the photographer. Boy did he ever take a lot of pictures. Hope it makes a nice brochure. And here we are with our "For Sale" sign planted. Guess we can't change our minds now. 
 Our peonies are starting to bloom. They are such a pretty plant. 
 A close up of one of the flowers. Wish they would last longer. 
 And the Rose of Sharon bushes are outdoing themselves this year. 
Went looking for the turtle but he heard me first and slipped into the water - I just caught the splash. Did notice all the polliwogs - zillions of them again. From all the noise at night from the frogs there should be even more on the way.  
 The water iris are blooming too. Lots and lots of buds on the plant. 
 It is so pretty here - we are both going to miss it. But what makes it pretty is what makes Bill miserable. 
 If we look at this view too much - we might be tempted to change our minds. NOT -And that place is full of STUFF! 
We've been expecting to hear from the mobile home park in Vegas letting us know when we can start the paper work on the unit we want. Spoke to them last week but their paper work wasn't done yet. Here is the home. I stole the picture off their web page so it isn't really good.
 Imagine our surprise when this was next to the picture! WHAT? SOLD? HOW? See the date? That was yesterday. Of course Bill was right on the phone. Both of us were steaming. How could they? They knew we wanted it. 

Got a hold of one of the people there and he assured us there was no problem. They were holding it for us. They just had got around to calling us yet. Whew! So now were waiting for all the paperwork crap stuff to be sent to us. Now we really can't change our minds. 
Things are maybe moving too quickly...Kind of a big difference isn't it. No grass, just rocks and desert plants. 
Talked to an auction house today - not sure about that.

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