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Friday, May 15, 2015


Didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted. We are really keeping busy. Well most of the time. So much to tell. First though a smile. The squirrels are back eating the corn out front. I think they are cute. Love to watch them eat.
 And we have a new neighbor in our pond. Yep that's the pond but not the neighbor. He/she is too quick for me to get a picture. I was out in the side yard the other day and heard a BIG splash, but didn't see anything. Thought it might be a really big frog. Then yesterday I was out on the deck and caught something BIG sliding off the rocks into the water. Much too big to be a frog. Later I looked out the window and saw a huge turtle! About a 12" shell on it. By the time I got outside with the camera - it has sensitive ears - it was gone. So will try later today when it is out sunning. Wonder where he came from.
 We have settled on a realtor. It is an Indiana company with ties to a national relocation company. They seem very professional and do a lot of advertising on TV and in the city papers. Hope they find someone who loves this place. We signed the papers the other day and the realtor walked through the house giving suggestions for the photos and viewings. One thing suggested was to "unclutter my beading area", so lots of the stuff is now boxed. So guess I won't be doing much hobby work for a while.
 Just some of it done. And I managed to fill a whole box. Everyday we pack a little bit. 
We've decided to get rid of just about everything. Had one of those "Estate Sale" companies come over. Sounds like a really good deal. They will sell/auction/donate everything in the house that we don't want to take with us. We could probably get more with Craigs List and garage sales - but don't think it is worth it to us especially living out here in the boonies. So when/if the house sells we'll put what we want to take in a POD or have the movers pick it up. We'll move into the Alfa and the Estate people can come in and take care of the rest of it. He says they even vacuum after the sale and give the keys to the new owner. We get our money and drive away. I know that is simplifying everything - but seems like it will be the best for us. Just the little packing we've done has been tiring. 
Also had the contractor here yesterday. He thinks he found the area of the roof that has been causing all the problems in my bathroom. The roof is only 5 years old but the weather here has been brutal the past couple of years. 
So that's the plan but plans are made to change...
Today and tomorrow I'll be watching NASCAR - and packing up while watching it. 

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  1. That sounds like a good plan. We all have too much stuff anyway. We downsized brutally in 2012 and I notice that stuff is creeping back in. So we are doing some decluttering as well. Also waiting for contractor to do some work - install a proper walk in pantry and new slipping doors to replace the old glass ones in the hall and our bedroom.