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Monday, May 4, 2015

It Rained Today!

Just noticed the time. 15 to 9 here p.m. and it just got dark out. Didn't realize it was so late. 
We really lucked out with the weather coming home. Perfect weather all across the states and then a really good day and a half after we got home. We have managed to get all the "stuff" out of the Alfa and into the house. And today it rained. Wasn't supposed to rain until this evening but it jumped the gun a little.
This weekend was a real busy weekend in our little town. The Spring Blossom Festival was going on. We went to our only fast food place - well no that's not right - we have two fast food places in our little town - to eat as the time got away from us yesterday and I didn't feel like cooking. The road heading into town. Lots of redbuds still with flowers on them. 
Glad to see the town full of people. And glad to see the horse carriages back. Didn't see them last year. 
So...this morning we went into the big town - about 20 miles away to meet friends for breakfast. Then had a whole list of errands to run. One of which was to go to Verizon where we finally got the not working tablet taken care of. Or I should say it is on its way to be taken care of. It will take about a week and one more trip to the store and it should be taken care of. We need a new chip in it. Then we had to go to the far side of town to an Office Max to buy calendars. Only place in town to get them this time of year. I hate paying for something that is 1/3rd over. Oh well. Then to Sam's Club to renew our membership - need it to get gasoline. And of course didn't get out of there without buying something. Or several somethings. Then to Menards for odds and ends and to order a new mirror for the broken one in the bathroom. And of course our furnace/AC takes a special size filter. Had to order them. Then to WalMart for lots of stuff. Willie was full by the time we headed home. 
Just as we left WalMart it started to sprinkle. About half way home it poured.
 But by the time we got into our town it had stopped raining.I love this sculpture right in the middle of our little town. The county is known for it fall colors. We are right in the middle of a forest.
At our house - it was completely dry - no rain.
Got things put away and started catching up on phone calls and paper work. Have made appointments with three realty companies. So we'll see how that goes during the week. Also called a friend to make one small repair in the kitchen. Every day more done. 

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