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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hard to throw some things away - seems disrespectful.

Started out a beautiful day. Not too humid, lots of sunshine. Now it is 90% humidity, getting hotter, darker  and starting to drizzle. Weather changes quick here. Too sticky to do much packing and/or sorting. Though did get a few things ready to go.
Packed up all the accessories to my embroidery sewing machine. Machine and cabinet are still out in case I need it for something. Discovered my older Kenmore sewing machine. Been lugging it around since moving from California in 2003. Also found a small travel ironing board - where the heck did that come from?
I’ve packed all my embroidery thread but am undecided about the cubbies full of material. Take it or not? When ever I start to make something I always have to buy new/extra material ‘cause I don’t have what I want/need. I did pack the seasonal material and some of the more expensive pieces. Hard to leave it at the cost of buying new.
While going through one storage closet I found another box that was never unpacked since California [2003]. It was full of stuff we collected on our trip to Argentina. Maps, books, ticket stubs, visas etc. Sure would have helped when writing the book. Oh well.
Found another box of my Mom’s stuff. Her marriage license, birth certificate, my Dad’s veteran stuff. Albums full of photos. What to do with it all? I don’t feel right throwing it out. But I don’t think I’ll ever need it. I hate these decisions. As far as the photos go, I am going through them. And pulling out all the ones with the kids in them and making packages to send to them. They can figure out what to do with them.
Yesterday we had a big surprise - got a phone call from our friend George - of the Tioga and George blog. He is doing great - he’d read my blog about us moving and thought he check on us. So neat talking to him.

I forgot to mention - over the weekend there was a big fund raiser here - selling Morel Mushrooms. FOR $50.00 A POUND! Holey moley! And they grow wild all over our hill. We should have gone hunting for them. We could have paid someone to pack for us. 
Just looked up - it is pouring now. 


  1. I would contact a historical society and see if they wanted some of your mom and dad's stuff. I would first take photos/scan the documents for the rest of the family.

  2. Hi from Barb in Ca. ...If I had old family pictures (my dad won't give us his old films). I would have them "copied" and put on dvd's ...then everyone can have them without taking up space.

  3. At one time I put all our pictures on DVDs - forgot I had done that - came across the disks while packing...funny the things you find you forgot you had!