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Sunday, May 31, 2015


I think I am beginning to kind of like my new laptop. At least figuring it out some. To show how behind the times I am I didn’t realize until a couple days after I got it that it is a touch screen. Dah! That is a neat feature when I remember to use it.
I have all of Office 2013 working but don’t like the way the toolbars are on top, but so far haven’t found a way to get them to look like what I’m used to. I even managed to rip a few CDs to it yesterday.
Had a very muggy day yesterday again with a horrendous downpour in the evening. The electricity blinked but didn’t go out - that’s amazing that it didn’t go out. Here in Brown County if anyone sneezes in the woods either the electricity or water goes out. Won’t miss that. Just as I was going to turn the TV to a local news channel it went off - lost the satellite signal. Took about a half hour till it came back on. Guess we got lucky with just the rain. There was a small tornado in the outskirts of Indianapolis and lots of flash flooding in the middle of the state. Glad we are up on one of the highest hills in Indiana. Today it is really cool out - only getting up to high 60s, last couple of days its been in the mid 80s. 
We did have a moment of excitement though. Went down to the laundry room to cut Bill’s hair and when I picked up the waste basket to put the cut hair in I almost dropped it again. In it was one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen. ALIVE. He was brownish and hairy. Almost looked like a small tarantula.  His body was a good inch long with a leg span of over two inches. 

Did not waste time going to get camera, just wrapped him up in the trash bag and put him in trash outside. UGH. I’m not afraid of spiders … but he was BIG. Kind of looked like a wolf spider or trap door spider. Didn’t examine him/her/it real close. But I’m looking where I’m walking now. 
The end of another month already. Time to back up my computer again. And then I'll transfer the up to date data to the new laptop. 
We also found out yesterday that we will be great grandparents AGAIN - that will make six. And another son will become a grandfather! 
We still continue to pack. But it is getting harder to find things we won't be using. Today I think I'll go through my cookbooks - some I've had for almost 60 years - and see which ones I want to keep. 


  1. YUCK spiders!! I don't tend to use cookbooks since I can find almost anything online. Keep decluttering!! You won't miss any of it.

    1. I had all the cookbooks boxed - now I am thinking I should just scan the recipies I use most and get rid of the books.

  2. I hate spiders with a passion. Congrats on the new grandchild