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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Only 93 boxes more to go!!!

My gosh, we’ve only been home for 18 days. Seems like it been months we’re getting so much done! Been so busy I haven’t thought about doing laundry until this morning when I opened my drawer and didn’t have any more clean clothes in it!!! So guess that will be my first chore today.
So we’ve got a realty company. On to the next step. We’ve ruled out one choice, we don’t want anything to do with auctioning off our belongings. Will stick with estate sales - we think. Still interviewing movers. And the one we waited for this morning was a no show! Hate when people do that.
Went to town to eat lunch [with enough leftovers for dinner tonight - yeah.] Had to get some more packing supplies and FRAGILE stickers - so we remember which boxes to be careful with. It is cold out today, high 50s only and going down to mid 40s again at night. Bill is wearing his beanie in the house.
Was watching the TV show Hoarders the other night. So I don’t feel so bad when I open a drawer or cupboard and see all the stuff we’ve been hauling with us for years. Why are there paper clips in almost every drawer? And I can never find one, where it should be, when I look for one. Found something brown and crumbled in a plastic bag. Took me forever to remember it was a tobacco leaf I got nine years ago when we were traveling in Kentucky. Yes, I threw it out.
Started this yesterday but didn’t get it done obviously. Bill got up around 4:00 - said he couldn’t go back to sleep. Now his eyes are running and itching like crazy. We can’t move soon enough. I got up about 5 and am still up. He went back to bed. Today or tomorrow the house should go on the market. We got a couple more boxes packed yesterday. And need to get some smaller boxes for my knick knacks from all our travels. All small stuff that is in a curio cabinet - we will take the cabinet with us.
No one is supposed to come over today so think we’ll make a trip to Camping World in Indy. The Alfa needs a new power cord - or maybe just new plugs.
Now it is late afternoon and we've been out for breakfast - this morning Bill enjoyed it. Then to Camping World for the plugs - hope they work. Also got a couple more boxes packed. Some knicks knacks from travels and some of my quilting/sewing stuff.
Enough for today.
While packing I've been coming across stuff the boys made in school and been thinking about how different school is now. I've got stuff they made in wood shop, metal shop, ceramic classes and jewelry classes. One of them learned to play the violin while in middle school. One took auto mechanics in high school. Another carpentary. I remember taking cooking and sewing - wasn't very good in either class. Do they teach any of that any more?

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