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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2nd post of the day.
Cannot believe the first month of the year is gone already. Time is going like we’re traveling on a skateboard down hill!

Got up when it was still dark this morning – 6:00 – watched the sun come up over the palm trees. There are a couple of early morning jet trails in the sky.

Sunrise over Las Jaibas RV 1st day of Feburary 2012
Alfie looks so good when he is nice and clean and picked up. So comfortable to spend a lot of time in. Guess I didn’t hold the camera real steady in a couple of places but you get the idea. Using the free demo version of Autostitch to put the pictures together to form a panoramic look.
Alfie from the middle looking forward
It’s only 9:00 and we’ve already cleaned and rearranged the refrigerator and freezer. We’ve got a lot more stuff in the freezer than I thought. Need to start fixing more dinners. Don’t want to give the US border guards more food than we have to.
Decided to take the laundry to be done – except for the arm covers for the chairs they have Velcro holding them together and I’m afraid they will come undone and stick to everything in the load. So I’ll do them here. The rest of the laundry is in a bag waiting to go.
Bill is cooking breakfast – French toast. I finally remembered to buy syrup so yum yum. He’s been doing most of the cooking lately; wonder if he’s trying to tell me something? Will have to look into that.
We are in our 111th day and we’ve put 3730 miles on the Alfa and as close as I can figure another couple thousand just driving Willie around.
Got out of here about 10:00 and had a busy day.

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