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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A visit to the Central Market

Well today is Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday – the last day of Carnaval. There is another big parade later this afternoon and more fireworks. Last night about 10:00 there were fireworks for almost 1/2 hour. We can't see them just hear them.
Yesterday morning we went across the street again to the restaurant at the hotel Torres de Mazatlan. Their grounds are so pretty. Got a kick out of this. This little bush is shaped like a basket and someone has set some artificial fruit in it.
Breakfast as always was good. I think a new group of tourists came in over the weekend because the beach and pool area were crowded with people who didn’t already have suntans. Going to be lots of sunburns by night.
After breakfast we headed towards the Centro Historico as Bill wanted to get some glitter glue for his masks. Needed to go to Parisina – the yardage/craft store to get it. It was a challenge to get there as the main street along the Malecon was closed to traffic. As near as we could tell they were still cleaning it up after the parade and celebrations the night before. We did pass one of the floats.
Eventually we made it downtown and were surprised at how many things were closed. Finally found a parking lot open. Bill asked the attendant why things were closed and he told us many things were closed during Carnaval week. Banks, government offices etc. Luckily the stores were still open. And the street vendors were out. This man was selling nuts and candy, he is always here in front of Parisina. I wonder if he makes a living?
And always someone selling donuts on the street. Yummy with taste of bus exhaust.
After Bill got his glitter glue we continued on to the Municipal Mercado – it was really busy.
As always the piggy feet and heads fascinate me.  They look like they are smiling.  
He is sharpening his big knife.
Colorful fruits and vegetables at one of the stands.
I liked this little restaurant in the market. The name of it translates to “The Clean One.”
I had on my new Carnaval t-shirt and jeans and the day really started to heat up – and my personal summer was in full force so I wanted to go home to change. Left downtown and stopped at the grocery store to get my tea then headed home to the a/c.
I got interested in my beading and Bill was playing with his glitter glue on a piece of leather so the day passed.
The temperatures at home in Indiana have been nice this past week – up into the high 50s and low 60s. Hope it doesn’t decide to be winter when we get there. We’re beginning to discuss our route home. Several options. A lot will depend on the weather as we travel. No matter anyway we go it is around 1800 miles. Lots of diesel. Also need to get the satellite working again once we're in the states. Maybe if it gets TV when we get to the US – we’ll forget about the Internet part and stay at campgrounds that have WiFi. It grips me to be paying for HughesNet and not having it. Sure wish they’d of had Telcels Banda Ancha Movil a couple of years ago before we paid all that money for the satellite dish. There is another motorhome here in the park who has the satellite internet – his dish quit working too so he has Telcel. I sure hope by the time we get home some kind of Internet is available where we live so we can tell HughesNet to go jump in a lake. Enough of that – off to today’s adventure.
Finally got confirmation that our friends will be here March 1st - so that will be fun - dragging them all around to see the sights.  

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