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Monday, February 13, 2012

Free concert in the Plaza

I’ve finally put up a new picture in the header of Alfie here in Las Jaibas RV Park. If you look closely up in the upper left hand corner you can see Bill’s hawk kite flying off its pole.
I’ve been wondering how some people who have RV traveling sites have so many followers, comments and shout box entries and I only have a few. Maybe I make my blogs too long? Add too many pictures? Not enough personal stuff? Just had me thinking the other night when I was trying to fall asleep. You know that time of night when weird things pop into your head. Also realized that I’m probably not going to live long enough to know if my favorite NASCAR diver will make the Hall of Fame. [he has at least 10 to 15 more years of racing left.] And that in two and a half years Bill and I will be married 50 years!!!! Where oh where have the years gone?
There is a big empty field (many years ago it was an RV Park) next to our RV Park. It is now owned by the Navy. It is full of very tall coconut palms and mango trees and some crumbling concrete structures. The navy has erected some sort of transmitting tower right near the fence line right across from where we are parked. From time to time men show up, scale it and work on it. Thursday night they were still up there working at 11:00 at night. Friday night they were back. I was outside watching the sunset form and watching them scale and work on the darn thing. There were three of them up there. A bunch of birds flew by them just as I took this.
The guy in the middle is relocating his safety harness. They stayed up there until nearly dark.
Another shot of Friday night’s sunset. It was a really pretty one. My flash happened to pop on as I took this one.
The flash is beginning to have a mind of its own. Works when it wants to and doesn’t work when it should. I have to remember to lift the flap to make it work. Unless I don’t want a flash – then I have to hold the flap down cause it will pop up and work. Even if it is set on “no flash” …..
While we were outside watching the sunset Bill asked if I’d like to go to Plazuela Machado for dinner. Silly question. Of course. So off we went through the busy Friday night streets of Mazatlan. It’s almost 10 miles across town. The city has put up strings of colored lights along the streets for Carnaval along with the lighted statues. We parked in the estacionamiento right next to the plaza. Noticed it seemed busier than usual – lots of people walking around really dressed up – women in long dresses.
Discovered there was a Carnaval event in the Angela Peralta Theater. One of the pre Carnaval concerts.  It was called “Cinema Spectacular” The Sinaloa Orchestra was playing music sound tracks from several well known American films. Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park to name a few. To go in the theater the tickets ranged from 250 to 500 Pesos 20 to 40 dollars. The theater is beautiful inside we toured it last year.
Much to our surprise in the plaza itself there was a huge screen and rows and rows of seats set up. The concert was broadcast live outside – for free. So as we ate dinner we got to enjoy the music and live action on the outside screen. This is taken from outside looking at the screen. You can just make out the screen showing the inside of the theater just before the music started.
I took a short video clip of one piece – they were playing the theme from ET.
This was filmed outside off the big screen in the plaza so even the sound is not real good. I liked that ET was there.
Enjoyed our dinner and surroundings. Never know what you might discover on a night out here in the Pearl of the Pacific Mazatlan.
Saturday we went back downtown to get some more cookie sheets. But the store where we had bought them the day before didn’t have any more so we had to go looking for another kitchen store that we knew was somewhere around there. Walked past this store “Palace of Illusions 
Took one look through the window and knew I had to go in. It was full of beautiful gowns – well made ones – not cheap Halloween costume things. I love these – for girls about three or four years old.
And these for girls about eight or ten.
It has got to be very expensive to raise a girl here. The clerk said they were for birthdays and events where the girls were attendants etc.  How do you top a birthday where a five year old wore one of these? What next year? They also had dolls dressed in the same gown to match.
To a more practical side – we found the kitchen store. The stores here usually very narrow. This store was particularly narrow – probably no more than 12 feet wide. It had two aisles – one to go to the back and another to come back up front. You could not pass another person in the aisle. There is very little lighting in the store – most of the light comes from the open front of the store. Heading towards the back
Coming back to the front. But just about everything you would need was here. From home use to restaurant sized needs. He found his cookie sheets.
Then we headed back to the car to drop them off. Passed this piece of sidewalk. It is completely flat – just looks wavy. At first I didn’t want to step on it. Good piece of illusion.
This is a city where looking down at where you are walking isn't only necessary it leads to lots of discoveries.
After dropping the stuff off we continued on to the Plazuela Machado and had a nice lunch sitting outside watching the people going by. I know the restaurant we go to has ice tea – but I never know what I’ll get when I order it. Sometimes it is green tea – no sugar no lemon, sometimes it is Nestles ice tea with sugar and lemon, sometimes it is a glass with two tea bags and ice in it. Depends on when they’ve been shopping. Sometimes it is sweetened and sometimes it isn’t.
Yesterday we stayed home all day. Bill had company. Roberto came over and they discussed how to make leather masks –Roberto wanted to learn. Then read and Bill watched a movie during the evening.
This morning the freezer had to be defrosted – used the trusty old hair dryer that we carry for that purpose – heavens knows neither of us with our short hair need a dryer. So that is done till we get home and unload it. Forgot what I had in there – need to start using some of it up.
No plans yet for today.


  1. I shoutboxed too but just to make the point I am commenting. Don't change anything on your blog. It is great just the way it is now. You do a wonderful job of describing your daily trips. You use just the right amount of pictures to give us the feel for the trip. I read your blog everyday and when you are not there, I wonder what happened. So if no one writes, don't worry we are here but just not responding because it is so well done we have nothing to suggest. Thanks for taking the effort to write for our benefit.

  2. I enjoy you writing very much..you have got it figured out just how to do it ...I used to sit with an elderly woman she asked so many questions and i didnt understand why so she told me one day that since she couldnt get out she lived vicariously thru me...and with your writing I get to travel with you...I never got the setting up the scene down pat lol but you seem to have gotten it just right so we dont have to ask very many questions you have already explained it for us...so even if it seems you dont have many people posting we are here living vicariously thru you :) thanks so much for sharing with us

  3. I agree with the previous posters! Don't change a thing about your blog! I follow your blog faithfully every day, and your photos and descriptions are bringing Mexico alive to me. It is wonderful to join you on your travels. Since I don't RV (yet) anything you post about RV life and maybe photos of the inside the RV would also help some of us get an idea of the wonderful lifestyle. I am no longer 'afraid' of Mexico thanks to your blog. You keep writing, I'll keep reading. :)

  4. I have commented a number of times about how much I enjoy your blog and have recommended to a number of people that they go back and read about your earlier travels. I have your blog set up in Google Reader. I think that part of the problem (if it is a problem) is that those who read your blog because of the notice they see in the WomenRV forum just make a comment there. So, you are read and appreciated even though we don't always agree!


  5. Oh, wait...! I have never seen this comment section! When I hit 'comment', what shows up on my screen is shoutbox, where I just left a couple of comments. After I sent them, this section appeared. Hmmm... (I also just tried to post this, and am being asked to use some sort of profile - so it's not as easy to comment as on other blogs I have visited. May be part of why there are fewer comments.)

    1. (And look at that goofy identifier...I wasn't aware I was Pete&39;s and had a blog! Going to have to figure this out...)

  6. I read you every day! Love traveling Mexico with you. Love the new profile pic of Allie and Willie! They are a matched pair! Please please please keep on blogging and traveling!

  7. Yes, yes, you do have followers but our comments end up different places or just maybe we talk to ourselves more than we write back..... :=) Thank you so much for opening up and sharing the possibilities of traveling in MX. Some of us may eventually make it there because of the adventures and day to day experiences that you and The Driver have enjoyed and shared.

  8. Lot of followers Mom. Good job.. P