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Friday, February 10, 2012

Guess I got a little behind on this again. Shame on me. Spent most of one day working on my database in Microsoft Access. The table and query were easy to do but when I got to the form I wanted to pull my hair. I use the database to track all our expenses when we travel. I have it set up so it can do all the calculations i.e. miles per day, total miles, liters to gallons, mpg, Pesos to dollars, total expenses, days on the road and a journal entries. Etc. etc. But it is all working now.
I’ve been debating just stopping blogging altogether – just keeping my memories with my pictures. Haven’t figured out for sure what to do. But we did go to the Tequila Factory and I have interesting pictures of it – so guess I should add them. And in La Noria Bill got some leather cut into strips for him for him. That was interesting.
Monday evening we went out to the beach area when there was a full moon.
The sunset wasn’t real bright but it was interesting – like a soft pastel painting
This is a surfer area and these guys were diehards – out until the last speck of light.
We’ve been busy – spent one day walking all around the Centro Historico in and out of stores looking at Carnaval decorations. Bill was looking for different forms he can use with his leather work. Saw that there is a new sculpture in the Plazuela Machado – interesting.
The Peso to dollar continues to drop – so we are spending more now than when we got here. Going out for ribs now costs us US$12.80 where before it was US$11.50 We have to renew our campground stay today - it is much cheaper to pay by the month so guess we will plan on leaving Mazatlan on or around March 10th - then the long trip home.
Want to get this posted quickly so people don’t think I’ve been kidnapped or something. Will work on the Tequila Factory. Will post again later today. See if that will help warm things up in here. Forgot to turn of the little electric in here last night and it got COLD - rained the night before last. And sprinkled on us a couple of days ago when we were walking around downtown.  So it is not always beautiufl in Paradise.  


  1. please dont stop blogging...we get to travel with you this way ..I enjoy your musings :)